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Weekend at Loon Lake

This past weekend we went to visit the VanGeenhoven's at their house on Loon Lake. It was a packed house (as you can see here), but it was well worth it to spend time with them.

Chad and Chris have been friends since they were young and now they both have little boys.

Even Regina had a friend to visit and got a boat ride.

And this picture was just too cute to not add! Still best friends.

And a video of some playing in the water.

Guess who is 1 1/2 today!

18 months today!

Where does the time go? One and a half more baby. We now spend the day talking and singing. I think he has at least 1 new word and 1 new song each day. Today it is "EE I EE I OO" And he asked for an apple for breakfast.

Beach vacation

We just came back from our week on the beach with my family (Babci, Uncle Jimmie, Aunt Karen and Jake were all there). It was so relaxing. We rented a house on Plum Island in Newburyport. It was a great quiet location with access to three different beaches. I only picked a few of the many pictures, but you can see how much fun we had. Especially the boys!

And I had to throw this one in to show everyone how we also went to pull lobster traps with Ben Harding. It was just like on the Deadliest Catch because I almost went overboard......OK, maybe I just fell and got a scratch, but it was fun (or funny for some)!

Nancy and Scott visit

When we got back from our beach vacation, cousins Nancy and Scott came for a visit. Although it was a quick one, it was great to see them! We hope they'll come back again soon.

Fourth of July

Another great Fourth of July weekend!! We made our usual pilgrimage to Long Island for some time in the sun. As you can see.....someone REALLY liked the beach. His cousins buried him in the sand and not only did he love it, he didn't care when he had a mouthful of it. He just kept putting more sand in his mouth trying to get the original sand out.

The best part of the weekend is always spending time with our families. As you can see here, there isn't anything better than your cousins! Playing with Kendall and Trent......

After the beach we were off to Uncle Eddie's house for his annual BBQ. More cousins, fun, and sun! Eating ice cream with Madison...

And getting some quality time with Uncle Kevin. Not sure if I like what they are probably talking about....

Thanks so much Uncle Eddie, Aunt Donna Jo and Uncle Hutch for a great weekend!!