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Red Sox game

Was this our first Red Sox game?  Who can remember anymore, but we had a great night with Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt.  We will certainly bring them again because Angela sat with them the whole time.  It may have been the french fries and other treats they bought her, but who cares!  We are also excited that our Wally the Green Monster bench is back near our seats.  It is the little things.....


Now that Rich is in school we have another wave of city sponsored events to take advantage of.  This one was free tickets to the Aquarium.  My kids have been to the Aquarium so many times they are almost bored by it, but because this was a Sunday night Chris got to come.  They were excited to go with Dad to touch the sharks and rays. Always a hit because they are both a bit timid to touch yet obsessed with conquering that fear.  While running around we bumped into a few school friends which always puts a smile on Rich's face. He thinks he is the mayor!

T Ball

With Richie being the sports fanatic that he is there is never anything better than the start of a new season!  And this year to be starting "real" baseball was extra thrilling.  He can seriously really whack that baseball.  And we were NEVER able to leave practice without at least another half hour of catch.  This kid can't get enough.

Chris's birthday

Chris's birthday packed with cake, presents and of course bowling!


Just some pics of my crazy girl!!  We have lots of fun hanging at the library with all of our new friends.  They have such great programs for kids (mostly thanks to our AMAZING Children's Librarian Miss Jennifer) which is why I volunteer there.
Also, Angela got a big girl bed!  She didn't exactly want to get out of her crib, but we think she was ready.  Can't wait to get her new sheets and blankets.
Lastly, just some of the faces I see on a daily basis.  I thought this stinker face was just a toddler thing, but it still comes out when she is mad.  And as you can see in the last comes out when she isn't actually all that mad as well.

Angela sings

I realized that I don't take enough videos to remember my kids at this age.  And man are they SUPER cute sometimes!  Hopefully I will watch this a bit and start taking more video's??

Hanging with the Hamweys

One of my favorite things about where we live is all of the new help we have with the kids.  I have met amazing people who I feel comfortable using to grab the kids if I am going to be late for pick up or watch them on the many days off of school.  This pertains to old friends as well.  My high school friend Mary Beth was in a bind with her two oldest kids so I took them for the day!  We had so much fun and the kids get along so well.  Maybe too well!  Once Mary Beth got back we were sitting in the living room having a beer when Chris got home.  He noticed it was MUCH too quiet for 4 kids being upstairs.  Long story short...they had taken Richie's bed completely apart and tilted his mattress off of the bed a bit to make a slide!  I am going to take the positive road here and appreciate how clever they were.

carousels open

You know spring is here when our carousel opens.  We usually hit it a couple of times a week....just because we can!  Bring on the ice cream and the fountains and it is summer in the city!

A Knights Tale

On the way home from school Richie and I decided to stop by the library for a program they were having.  A costumed armored knight tells a tale about life in Medieval times, lets kids try on armor, and teaches sword techniques. It was presented by Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship and it was AWESOME!

Marathon Monday

We had another excellent Marathon Monday!!  No work, great weather and the perfect perch to watch the race from.  And this year we added in lots of great (new) friends (Sophia, Brigid, Vivian and Charlie - Richie and his girls!).  You can see the kids cheering with their cow bells, watching for my friend Caryn to run by, our picnic spot and then dinner back at the Ginsburg's on Marlborough St (the street I have wanted to live on for-ever!). 

Roof's open!

Roof's open!!  First BBQ and mud pies of the season.  Did some spring cleaning and took inventory of what new things we need.  Just like a beach house we have to get ready for summer.....let this nice weather continue.


Angela and Richie have been talking about it for weeks and the day to sleep at Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt's was finally here!  We ran home after our day outside, packed a quick bag then went to meet Aunt Erin at the boat.  They took the ferry down to Hingham.
Needless to say Chris and I enjoyed our quiet, adult night alone!  But we were glad to see the monkeys when we picked them up the next day. 

Mommy/Angela Day

Some of my favorite days are days with no plans!!  This Friday we dropped Richie off at school then headed out for the day.  After grabbing our favorite food (bagels!) we settled in at Christopher Columbus Park.  It was a gorgeous day so lots of kids were there to play with.  This is also the park Angela's day care goes to so we played with a couple of school friends.  After scrubbing the sand off of our hands we had a ladies lunch at Joe's on the water.  We weren't going to go home now so Angela shut her eyes and napped in her stroller while I enjoyed some quiet time on the water.  We stayed out all day and had the best girls day EVER!


Since the big boys went to the circus with school (pretty lucky school trips, huh?) Joy and I felt bad for the younger girls. the circus we went with Julia and her baby sister Virginia.  Fun day with the girls!

Easter 2012

Three easter egg hunts, lots of candy, presents and family means another great Easter!  Look how nicely these kids clean up.  We went to the Easter Vigil mass (starts at 8 pm!) to see our friend Lindee (Ella's Mom) make her first Communion and Confirmation.  The kids did so well at that witching hour.  You can also see a picture of the kids planting magic beans at Ella's house.  I don't know what was ever supposed to happen to them because we left.  I will have to check in with them!
Happy Easter!  Hope the bunny brought you as much loot as he brought us.

Early Easter at the beach

As usual we started our Easter weekend early with the Gansons at the beach.  It was such a beautiful day that we actually got to go to the beach.  And in typical Ganson fashion we all got gifts!  Richie's was an awesome huge dragon kite.  Nothing better for the beach when it is too cold for the water.  We were also excited to play with Lindsey and Blair home from college.

My birthday

I had a great day with the family for my birthday!  I had my party (as the kids told me) at Bowl Haven with Red Bones for dinner.  Homemade birthday cake and lots of presents to round out the perfect day.
Now I just wish I didn't tell my smartie pants son how old I actually am.  He has repeated it a lot.