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New Years Eve

Although we initially had no new years eve plans, it turned out our friends the Hardings were also in Maine so we spent it with them at the B&B.  Always fun hanging out with old friends! 
Here's to a healthy, happy 2014.  2013 was perfect, so a little more of the same would be fine for me.

Lisa's birthday at Sunday River

While we were up at Sunday River, my good friend Lisa came so we could celebrate her birthday with her.  Since she loves skiing as much as us, it was the perfect birthday I think. We had special big kid drinks, roasted marshmallows, and skied a lot!  Who wouldn't want to wake up with those two in your bed on their birthday?
Happy Birthday my friend!

Christmas 2013

We had another wonderful Christmas surrounded by family.  I love the years we get to celebrate with Uncle Eddie and Uncle Kevin!  We always celebrated with them so it is nice to do that again.  Kids played, opened presents, sang at church (how funny is that!), and played some more.

To see all of the pictures from Christmas, you can go to Snapfish.
Snapfish album of all pics

Skating at the Boston Harbor Hotel

The Boston Harbor Hotel built a skating rink on the waterfront.  Since it was the last day of school before break. we decided to head down with our friends the McDonald's.  Perfect little rink in a gorgeous spot on the water.  Wouldn't want to go when it was cold out though.

Performances at Faneuil Hall

Kids had their annual performance in the Great Room at Fanueil Hall and it was extra cute this year because instead of trying to entertain Angela through the many hours, she performed!
Kids did awesome, as you can see in my not so good videos.  Can't seem to download the video with Rich's performance, but it is excellent (as you can probably tell from the face paint)!

Richard singing

Publishing party

Rich had his first publishing party in 1st grade.  I love how they have an event where they invite you into the classroom to see the kids work.  And I love how they make the kids put their writing into a "real" book because it helps them take much more pride in it!  Wish I could have been there, but I am still VERY proud of my little author and his story about our trip to Great Wolf Lodge!

The Who's down in Whoville...

Richard started a new after school program this year which can be a big step for any kid at any time.  He has adjusted amazingly well and actually loves it!  We are so proud of him because they were putting on a play (How the Grinch Stole Christmas) and he signed up to try out all by himself (even though not all of his friends were doing it).  He then practiced each week and didn't even tell us until we heard about the performance.  He was an excellent Who and said all of his lines loud and clear!

Chrismas with Bradley

Celebrated Chrismas and Aunt Erin's birthday today!  Love spending time with big man B!  Can't believe how big he is already.  Celebrating his first Christmas and almost his first birthday!

Teddy Bear Tea

Angela and I had a girls afternoon and went to the teddy bear tea at the Taj.  I wasn't sure Angela would be up for it (we had to dress up for one), but she loved it.  It helped that they had so much to do and her friend Karishma was there.  We will certainly be having more girl days!