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Riley's 9th birthday party

One of our oldest friends, Riley is turning 9 and had the best birthday party today. It was a ropes course in the woods. Both kids were psyched and so brave! Ang was the youngest to do the rope bridge and Rich the youngest to do the 6 foot rope. The harnesses barely fit my skinny minis but that didn't stop them!
Happy birthday to our bud Riley. I can remember snuggling him when he was just a tiny newborn.
Watch "Rich on the ropes course at Riley's birthday party" on YouTube

My little photographer

Angela playing photographer. She did a photo shoot with each of her stuffed animals!


Sometimes peace.....and quiet does exist! Regina is lying in front of the fireplace and I have a cup of coffee. Peace, in at least one house, right now.


Richie and his soccer team have REALLY enjoyed and improved this year.  It is sort of amazing how different a year is.  Last year they picked flowers and ran from the ball.  This year they have won all but one game.  They are aggressive (almost too much sometimes!) and really listen to the coach.  I will have to take some video next week.  Here is a picture of Richie playing goalie for the first time.  He let in one goal, but then made a big save!

Weekend w/NJ family

We had an amazing weekend with family from New Jersey!  They were here for a bad reason (because they had no power due to hurricane Sandy), but I think we were able to help them forget about that for at least a little while!  We went to the zoo and then down to Erin and Matt's house. We hope they will come back soon!

November Assembly

All of the Eliot K2 kids singing Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Super cute although you can barely tell from my horrible phone pictures and video.  I WILL start remembering to take my camera to these things!
Also, all of the kids get awards at each assembly.  Richie got something about making great Lego structures.  Not sure if that means his work is lacking or he already excels......I think I better talk to Ms. Hutchins!