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Terrible Twos!!

So I don't have pictures of this post because it was a nightmare!! But a funny story that I can now laugh about and tell all. We were at Target this evening and it is putting it lightly to say that Richie wasn't really that interested in being there. He only had an hour nap and it was already almost 6:00 which means dinner time.
Anyway....picture this...Richie in the cart screaming, "No, Mama I want a snack NOW"
We were those people with the screaming nasty kid in the cart! At first I didn't really realize what was happening so I started yelling back, "You do NOT talk to me that way". He of course kept crying and screaming at me. Then I thought oh man, what is worse...he is screaming at me or that we are both screaming at each other????
Oh it was so bad. But don't worry! I solved the problem with another great mothering moment. I RAN to the snack aisle and shoved goldfish into his mouth as fast as I could!!
Oh, things are getting interesting a…

Joshua Andrew

Although 1 week late, Joshua Andrew decided to finally show his face today!!! He was born at 12:28 pm weighing in at 9 lbs 1 oz. We can't wait to meet our new cousin/nephew! Actually I am the one who is really excited because when we talk about our new cousin Josh, Richie just keeps asking what Jakie is doing.

Aunt Karen looks beautiful!

The happy new Bujno family.

1st Time Skiing

Today we went to Mt. Sunapee and brought the sled thinking that Rich would have no interest in putting on ski boots. Well we were very, very wrong. He absolutely loved it and he would have skied until the last lift if I could have handled it. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

Does he look like a natural or what?

After a few times hiking up with him under my arm, I decided he was ready for the magic carpet lift.

He really started to get the hang of it, but I don't think he'll be on his own for a while. Next year Donna can take some turns with him and give me a rest instead of having to just take pictures.

A couple of skiers looking for some apres-ski after a long day on the slopes. Where is that cooler full of ice-cold beers?

All boy all the time!

I never knew that at 2 a little boy could already be such a boy. We surely have one! All we talk about and do is play sports. At the moment the sport of choice is hockey. I am not exaggerating when I say Richie plays hockey from the moment he wakes up until the second he goes to sleep. When he takes a short break from playing to eat, the hockey puck comes to the table with him. He sleeps with his hockey stick most nights and for all naps. I get asked a hundred times a day, "Mama, do you wanna play hockey?" And then today, we had our coats on ready to go to day care and he tells me, "I gonna stay and play hockey". It all started after the first of 2 Bruins games we took him to this season.
We may have a bit of an obsessive personality here! For a while it was books, now it is hockey. He runs around the house with so much energy and he is so loud. I don't know what happened to my quiet, serene good little boy. I am afraid to take him to the circus i…

The Tichys

Our friends the Tichys came to town because Graham's band had a gig here. It was so great to see them at Colton's house and as you can see the kids had a blast playing together. Kay is now 2 1/2 and Katie is due with a boy at the end of June!

Playdate with Maggie

We had lunch with Judy and our new friend Maggie Tilden before Judy has to go back to work. Richie was actually very interested in Maggie and wanted to hold her and tickle her little feet. Hopefully a good sign for the new baby coming soon to our house!

29 weeks

Here is the belly at 29 weeks! Getting big.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day - We celebrated in green with our friends the Hardings.

Sammy's 3rd birthday

Our friend Sammy Chittick celebrated his 3rd birthday this weekend. It was so fun because it was at a place called Monkey Joe's. This was a HUGE bouncey gym with obstacle courses and slides, etc. Richie was a little small yet because there were kids a lot older. But he still had a blast. We are starting to love all these birthday parties!

Brendan's fencing tournament

Cousins Brendan and Diana came and stayed with us this weekend because Brendan had a fencing tournament nearby. It was so fun to get to see them and to learn all about fencing. As you can see below, Richie loved it! And Brendan did great. Thanks for staying with us guys.

Jakie's 2nd Birthday

Jakie is 2 years old!!

He had a ball pit at his party.

And he got a BIG backhoe that Richie was VERY jealous of.

I can't believe both boys are 2. They are getting so big and are really best friends. And they are going to be great big brothers...soon!

Bruins game

Daddy came home from work today with tickets to the Bruins game!! One of the best parts of living in the city is that we can do things like this on short notice. So we had dinner then headed over to the arena. Richie was so excited to watch hockey. It was his first game this year. And check out our seats! We were so close to the ice. He was such a trooper and watched the whole game even though it ended well after bedtime. He didn't even want to leave our seats to stretch our legs in between periods.

First trip to Disney!!

We took another trip to Florida and this time hit Disney World for a day. We had SO much fun!! It really is a magical place although I don't know how people go for more than 1 day at a time. Before we got there we saw Grandma for a few days and cleaned out more of her house. He is a lucky boy. I never saw my Grandmother that much. He has seen his Great-Grandmother 3 times in the past 6 months!
It was nice to be in the sun again even if only for a little while. We took lots more pics which I will send through Snapfish later. Here are just a few so you get the idea of what a memorable trip we had.

We stayed at the Buena Vista Palace and Spa which turned out to be a resort (not just a hotel) right across the street from Downtown Disney. So we got to swim and play basketball and see Mickey before we made it to the Magic Kingdom. And yes, check out that belly of mine. It is getting big.

Pooh turned out to be the hit character of the day. Rich had money from Grandma to buy some…