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Happy New Year!

The Hardings were nice enough to invite us up to their Maine house for some skiing for new years.  We gladly accepted since we were supposed to be in Florida.  We had a great time snuggling with baby Nate and playing with Eden and Parker who we don't get to see very much!  And Richie got to hit the slopes at Shawnee Peak for the first time this year.  Unfortunately the trip ended with the stomach bug.  I won't go into the gory details, but we are chalking this past week up to a bust and moving forward to 2011.

 We wish all of our family and friends a fun filled new year with lots of time spent with us!

Our first snow storm of the season

We unfortunately received a whopping amount of snow on our trip home from NY.  This would normally have been a great sight, but it canceled our flight (and eventually our whole trip) to Florida to see family.  The kids have been troopers about it and although they are disappointed, they can see it isn't worth staying sad.

Richie helped Chris shovel out the car and the sidewalk (he said he was going to do the driveway???) and then we went to play.  The snow was a little deep for Angela, but Richie played and rolled and ran all around in it.  He made a mini snowman, snow angels and even went on the swings!
Although we had a great family snow day, we still had to get out again.  We finished the day with a trip to the Apple Store (I got an iPad, thanks Santa!) and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with Lisa.

Christmas Day 2010


Christmas Eve 2010

We had a wonderful trip to NY for Christmas.  A few pics.....

More ice skating

We have been doing so much ice skating.  Here are some videos of how good Richie has become.  He can really glide finally....especially when it involves beating some girl in lessons or using a stick and puck!

18 month check up

Well Angela and Richard are finally on the same growing curve.  At 18 months they are/were the same height (32 1/2 inches tall) and only 3 ounces different in weight (Angela is 23 pounds 9 ounces).  They are really starting to look a lot alike as well!

Playing on the Common

We decided to spend the end of the weekend running around on the Boston Common.  The kids love the Ducklings and Chris had the great idea to skate on the swan boat pond.  It was so perfect because while everyone else was waiting in line for the Frog Pond, we went over and did our own thing.  It was Richie's first time skating on a pond and he had a lot of fun skating and shooting the puck around.  Although his skating skills need some work, his stick handling is getting pretty good!

Dear Santa.....

Richie had to write a letter to Santa this year because he forgot to tell the big man he wanted a broom when he sat on his lap.  I think he did a GREAT job!
(If you can't read it he wants a broom, orange bicycle and the Batman Cave)

St. John Christmas mass

St. John's had their Christmas mass and although it wasn't a day Richie usually goes to school, Angela and I went with him.  The mass was beautiful.  All of the students did the readings, brought up the gifts and sang.  Each of the children brought a gift for the homeless vets as well.  Richie was so proud to bring his gift up to the alter.  They also read this really touching poem about the military not being home for the holidays.  Not sure what it is (getting old, having kids, etc), but it doesn't take much to bring me to tears these days.

Psssghetti dinner

The one who does the laundry has decided that pssghetti is now eaten with shirts off.
Needless to say we hit the tub afterward....all fine except when Angela pooped in the tub.  Maybe washing spaghetti sauce out of their shirts is easier.....

When you're tired you have to sleep...

Richie, Angela and Dawn obviously had a long, fun afternoon.  I am not sure where they went or what they did (they won't tell me, it is a surprise), but Richie was so wiped out that he fell asleep on the handlebars of the stroller!!!

Kelley's skating pics

Thanks for sending these Kelley!  Pictures from our skating adventure and trip to Colton's house this weekend.

Happy Birthday Aunt Erin!

Aunt Erin's birthday is Wednesday so we had dinner and presents with her tonight.  And of course we were entertained by our Mag Dog.
We love you Aunt Erin!  Happy Birthday!