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Red Sox games

Since it isn't as easy for the whole family to get to the game any more, just the boys have been going. Richie gets so excited when we tell him. Tonight he didn't know he was going until just minutes before they left. He started jumping up and down and asked if he could hold his ticket until they got there. And to top it off they were taking the green line (train) so he was in heaven. He thought he was so cool because he knew which train gets you there. It truly is cute to see such joy through the eyes of a 2 year old.

From tonight's game

From Sept. 9th game

The potty!

Guess who is potty trained!!! I have so much to say about it, but I will save all comments to myself and just say.....PHEW!!! It is done. It was so hard, but it is done.

Apple picking

We went to Honey Pot Hill again this year for some apple picking. Always a family favorite, and we lucked out with a beautiful day! Apple cider, cider donuts and enough apples to make quite a few pies this season. YUM!

More cute pics of the kids

Since there are now 3 of us that do everything together, here are a few pics from our days.

Making banana bread.

Taking a nap together. Poor Angela was so tired she finally just fell asleep with Richie jumping in the crib around her.

I never know which one of them I will find in the exer-saucer! It seems to be a new favorite place for Richie to climb into.

My kind of picnic - a bench and pizza!

My girls

They are best friends already.

Day out with Thomas

Before I went back to work we went down to Edaville Railroad to see Thomas the Tank Engine! It was very exciting to see and ride on Thomas. Richie brought some of his trains and carried them around the whole park. Edaville is a great place for small kids and I think Richie actually loved the rides better than Thomas. He can be shy and cautious at times, but he has always been a daredevil when it comes to the rides!

The faces

Just some of the cute faces that we get to see around here. They melt my heart!

Play date with the Fosters

We spent the afternoon with the Fosters. They took the commuter boat into the city to meet us. The kids went on the carousel, in the fountains and saw the seals at the Aquarium. I had to post this picture because I love all the kids looking in the tank. If one does it, they all have to.

The Fosters - Danny, Gracie and Emily

Angela - 3 months old

Yep, 3 months old already. She is getting so big. She laughs and smiles all the time (although I missed it in these pics) and is Daddy's little girl. It is unbelievable how her face lights up when he walks in the room.

Here is Richie at 3 months. I think he was already twice her size. She is our little peanut!

Tour of Fenway Park

One of the things I had on my list of activities to do this summer while I was on maternity leave was to take a tour of Fenway Park. We got it in just a few days before I went back and we were lucky enough to have Babci come with us. Unfortunately it wasn't as fun for a 2 year old as I had hoped. He wanted to actually see the baseball players playing and was lost during our tour guides list of interesting facts. I think he is spoiled because he gets to actually go to so many games. Oh well maybe next time. It was a beautiful day and Angela's first time at Fenway!

Big brother/little sister

Just a cute picture of my munchkins - can you tell how much they love each other? Richie kisses her all day long and Angela just stares at every move he makes. Hope they will always love each other this much!