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Thanksgiving weekend

This year was a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of family and friends. We were lucky enough to have Kevin, Uncle Eddie, Theckla, Mike, Andy and Sarah with us this year. Babci made a yummy turkey (with a little help from Chris and Alton Brown) and we got to spend a lot of time playing with cousin Jakie. We finished the weekend with a trip to Brooklyn to see the rest of the family. Aunt Donna Jo and Uncle Hutch were wonderful hosts as always and made it easy for us to see lots of cousins.

Swings in Union Square park in Manhattan.

Trellis Lighting

We went over to the Waterfront to see them light the holiday lights at the Christopher Columbus Park. They sang christmas carols, had hot chocolate, and the mayor was there!

More Monday pics with the boys

Just a few pictures of the boys (Richie, Colton and Brayden) on their Monday adventures with Auntie Heidi. This was at the Sacred Heart playgroup.

Best Friends!

Colleen and Sean's wedding

This weekend we flew to Richmond for Colleen and Sean's wedding. We were able to see lots of family and sight see through out the city. Look how beautiful Colleen looked!

The best part of the trip was getting to walk ourselves onto the plane. It was my least favorite part because it meant our plane was very small.

Babci came with us to watch Richie. They had lots of playtime at the hotel and dug through a whole box of Thomas trains from cousin Trent.

First day of school

Yes, it is only day care, but we call it school so I had to take "First day of school" pictures. You know me, I take pictures of everything. So we had a little photo shoot that morning. Richie absolutely loved his day at school and waved good-bye to me when it was time for me to go. No tears for him! I finally feel comfortable that we did the right thing.