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Bike riding

Since Richie got a new bike, Angela did as well by default.  Although she doesn't love her helmet, she does love riding her new bike.

Chris's birthday

For Chris's birthday the kids made him birthday signs, cards and cupcakes.  We ended the day with an adult dinner to Abe and Louie's.  I think it was a good day to turn a year older.

Pretty princess

Just some pictures from Dawn of my pretty princess!  Is there a smile that can melt your heart more than this one?  Dawn said the picture of Angela and Baby was taken because she had to stop every few feet to give Baby a bottle over and over again.

I want candy

Richie's rendition of "I Want Candy" from the movie Hop.  I don't think any other words are needed to describe this.  You just have to watch!

Easter morning

Well I guess the kids were good because the bunny came and brought them a bunch of loot.  The smiles in the pictures say it all.  It was such a nice family day.  My favorite part was all of us at church together.  We had a huge group in our pew (including neighbors) and the kids were so well behaved. 

Ganson's for Easter

It is always fun to see family at the holidays so we did our typical cruise around NY.  It was so nice because all 3 of the Ganson cousins were there.  Lots of warm bodies for the kids to play with.  AND for some reason we all got a birthday present.  Not sure how that works, but we left happy.  And if that wasn't enough the kids each got two of the biggest Easter baskets we have ever seen.  They were in heaven!  We will have candy until Halloween.

NY Hall of Science

Back to NY again....this time for Easter.  On Friday I drove Grandma out to cousin Nancy's house so she could spend Easter there.  Saturday we were going to see Aunt Donna Jo and her family.  We made a pit stop in Queens at the NY Hall of Science since they were busy with some wedding planning.
This museum was fun and the kids had a blast.  It was the perfect way to spend a rainy morning.  The only problem is that it looked as though the museum had an awesome rocket mini golf course and playground which we couldn't check out because of the weather.  Oh well, for next time.

Dawn and Richie spent the afternoon making us dinner.  They made these very fancy eggplant, cheese, mushroom and tomato towers.  It was super fancy and delicious.  The best part was that the kids owned the project and ate it as well.  Not something I think they would have normally ate.  I wish I took a picture of the final product. 

Marathon Monday

To watch the marathon this year we went over to the Lutchen's house again which is at mile 19.  The kids loved cheering on the runners and making signs.  You can see the sign we made for Caryn (who did amazing this year!!).  It does say "Go Caryn" but you can't see it in the picture.  Richie was so worried he would miss her go by that he didn't do his best job.  Having a day off from work and getting to watch the of my favorite days of the year!


We left NY in time to get back to Boston for the BAA 5K.  It is my favorite race because it is through the city and you end through the Boston marathon finish line.  PLUS, it has become an annual tradition to run this race with my "running" friends.  Kara and I had a PR with just over 28 minutes!  Must be all that training.

Sarah's shower

The reason we were in NY this weekend was for Sarah Spence and Andy Martino's bridal shower.  It was a beautiful shower and the kids attended for a little while as well.  It was nice because it helped them begin to understand the fact that Andy and Sarah are getting married in a few months.  Can't wait to celebrate with them!

Jakies, Joshies and Babcis oh my!

Needless to say my kids have a blast every time we head to NY.  As you can see Richie was allowed to play in the woods so he decided to build a beaver dam.  He was also excited because Jakie wanted to play hockey (or some form of it with golf clubs).  And then there is always cooking with Babci!

Bowling with Grandma

Grandma always has presents for the kids when we go to visit and this time was no different.  The kids had coincidentally just gone bowling with Chris so this present was a hit.  The kids set up the pins and fought over whose turn it was for over an hour.  The recorders she gave them were not as much fun for are they loud!!  We then had a yummy lunch to end a nice visit.  

Sipping coffee...

This is Road Rash sipping a decaf at Cafe Nuovo with Dawn.

First baseball game of the season

Our first tickets of the season turned out to be on a beautiful Saturday afternoon AND a Red Sox/Yankees game.  Richie was so excited to finally fit into his shirt that Babci had made him.  It is half Red Sox and half Yankees.  As you can imagine, he was quite the hit at the stadium.  At first the only time he would let me take his picture was in the bathroom stall.  Classy!

Angela at her best

Just some good pics of Angela.  She is quite our little character.  These have all been taken from just the past few days!