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Angela's Birthday Party

Angela had her first "real" birthday party at Lanes and Games.  The perfect group of kids and her friend Clare who moved last year, came up for it.  She was over the moon!

Swimming at Melrose Place

Early, Sunday morning swim at Melrose Place (my friend Lisa's condo complex pool).  And Mimosa's to top it off!

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group with Mom and our friend Teagen!  How fun!

Spectacle Island with the Daisy's

Angela became a Daisy this year and has absolutely loved it.  There was such a great group of girls and her troop leaders, such wonderful, caring woman.  To end the year, we all went to Spectacle Island for a relaxing adventure.  Angela is looking forward to being a Daisy again next year.

Picture day

Kids actually not in sweat shorts and t-shirts (for picture day!)!