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Happy Birthday Dawn

We are so lucky to still have our old nanny Dawn in our life.  My kids will always adore her.  Angela calls her, "My Dawnie!" and isn't happy when she sees her with other kids.
Happy Birthday Dawn!

Deep sea fishing

Chris got the opportunity to go deep sea fishing with his friend Ben Harding.  A tough life when you can jump on a friends boat instead of work on a Friday!  Regardless, the whole family benefited because we had fresh fish and chips for dinner that night.  YUM!
(And yes, sometimes my kids just don't have clothes on.  Never sure why...)

USS Wasp

Navy week on Boston meant the harbor was FILLED with amazing ships.  Lots of tall ships and naval ships right in our backyard.  Since we had already been on a tall ship I knew I had to get Rich on the air craft carrier.  The USS Wasp turned out to be a-mazing.  Huge doesn't even begin to describe how big it is.  You really do have to get on it to experience it.  Needless to say, with a 5 year old boy we did EVERYTHING!  We touched every gun, climbed through every tank and sat in every air craft.  And the naval officers on the boat were the sweetest.  They talked to every kid and answered questions all day long.
A very memorable experience!