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Sleepovers at the Dillons

We spent the weekend in NJ hanging with cousins.  All 5 of the big kids slept together on the floor in the basement.  They had a blast.  So good to see them, play and anxiously await the arrival of our new cousin Jackson Baird.  Can't wait to meet that peanut!


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family time.  As you can see the kids had a blast with their cousins.  We played, watched the parade, and ate good food.  Another year with lots to be thankful for.  Angela, unprompted, said she is thankful for her Babci.  The kids are starting to get it!

A Christmas Story

When Rich was too young to go to most theater performances, I would still take him to a kid friendly show at Christmastime.  Now that Angela is old enough we take her too.  This year we saw A Christmas Story!  How fun.  The kids loved it and laughed the whole time.  Angela sat at the edge of her seat waiting for all of her favorite parts to come on.

BU Hockey game

We went to see a BU hockey game with our buddy Colton and his hockey team.  It is so great that the kids enjoy college sports as much as the pros!

Thanksgiving lunch at school

The kids really enjoy their Thanksgiving lunches at school each year.  It is really a nice way for the class to come together, for the families to meet and for the kids to show off their classroom work. Each class had a home cooked meal and a little performance.

Mayor Angela

Angela came home from school today telling me how she went to the "big building near the train station" to invite more people to our school Thanksgiving lunch.  I was stumped so I texted her teacher.  Well sure enough, she was right.  Her and 5 kids from her class went to the Mayor's Office to invite him to our lunch.  He wasn't there, but she got a tour of his office and sat in his seat!  She was so proud and excited.  Lucky girl!  Maybe that will be her seat one day.....

Riley's party

Happy 10th birthday to our good buddy Riley!  He is so sweet to invite my kids to his party every year even though him and his friends are so much older.  Such a sweet boy!  I love watching these kids grow up to be such wonderful people.  And of course we love to jump at SkyZone.

BC Football game

We had been wanting to take the kids to a football game this year and then I won BC tickets at the Eliot race.  THEN we found out we have friends who tailgate at every game so we were all set.  Who knew that the BC football games were so fun!  It was the biggest/best party I have been to in a REALLY long time.  We had great seats and partied till dark. We will CERTAINLY do this again!
(Fun with James, Gianna, Ella and Mia)

Minor league baseball banquet

The kids got medals this year for baseball. Fun season Muckdogs! See ya next spring.

Trip to Salem and PEM

Since the kids had no school and I had no work, we decided to go on an adventure.  They said they wanted to, "take the purple train somewhere far."  So that is what we did!  We boarded a train to Salem at North Station.  Once there we met friends at the PEM (Peabody Essex Museum) and then went to lunch.  After hitting a toy store and walking around Salem a bit, we took the train home.  Super fun day with the Revette's and Ryan's.  10 girls (each of those families has 3 girls) and 1 boy (Richard).

Clarkson hockey game

Tonight was our annual Clarkson hockey game.  We have been taking the kids to see Clarkson play Harvard or any local team for a few years now.  This year we had front row seats right next to the Clarkson bench.  You can see the smiles on the kids faces!

Classroom visit and arches tour

Today, as Angela's classroom parent, I helped set up a coffee hour for the parents to meet each other and see the K1 classroom.  I think it was very successful and I was able to meet more parents of the adorable kids Angela comes home from school talking about.
Later in the afternoon I helped the class head over to the Boston Harbor Hotel to see the giant arch.  They are studying arches at school and we to go sketch the big one.  Super cute!