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Birthday "party" and cake

We were not totally mean this year. We still had a birthday "party" and a real cake, etc. It was just enough for a 2 year old!

Even Regina got in on the party action.

Children's Museum with Jake

Instead of a big birthday party with kids we had a family weekend of fun activities. Uncle Jim, Aunt Karen, Babci and Jake came to visit. And nothing could have been more fun for Richie. We went to the Children's Museum and I think the kids had a blast. They played and laughed and made sure the other one was close by at all times. They really are best friends. It is too adorable for words.

This is Babci dancing with the boys on "TV". The next picture shows you that they were being filmed and put on the TV with Arthur. They thought that was pretty cool!

Our new friend Maggie!

Margaret Virginia Tilden!! Our friends Judy and Matt finally had their baby and of course, it was a girl. It was great to get to see her already and get some cuddle time. Little Maggie is so adorable and we can't wait to spend lots of time with her.

We went to visit with the Revette's and Lucie and Richie had the most fun just throwing a beer box between them. I think we have decided to stop spending money on toys and just start letting them play with trash!

Birthday at Day Care

Since Richie's birthday was on a day care day, we brought cupcakes and had a little party (the first of many) with our new friends. The kids were so cute and super excited to have treats. I guess they talked about it all day. Yes, there are all boys and only 1 girl.

This is Taneka, Rich's most favorite person at day care. He talks about her all the time (calls her "Anita") and eats her lunch instead of his. I owe her a lot of meatballs! She is so great with the kids although Diana and Janet (his other teachers) are also.

Guess who is 2 today!

Can you believe it.....2 already!!!!! He acts like he is 5 so I should not be shocked, but I am. Maybe it is because I am the mother of a 2 year old. Or maybe because there is another on the way........

Can't you just see him saying it..."I am two"!

Good Eats!

We had a good week and went out for some yummy dinners. And what it seems is that Richie has the same opinion about food that his parents do. We love it all! There have been some crazy cravings with this pregnancy and I wanted BBQ and sushi (only cooked of course!). For those of you who live in Boston you know how good RedBones and Ginza are! YUM!! We figured we would try to hit our favorite places before we have to take 2 kids to enjoy them. And as you can see, Richie agrees.

He sucked the meat off these bones like he had done it many times before.

It was unbelievable that he could pull the edamame peas out of the shell with his teeth like a pro.

He even caught a few tomatoes with his chopsticks and got them into his mouth.

Let it snow.....

We have been taking advantage of the winter and enjoying the snow. We finally purchased a new backpack that can carry more weight so we can all hike in the Fells again. The boys (and Regina) have also been practicing their snowball making. With all this snow, they are getting pretty good!

First haircut!!

We decided it was time that Richie finally got a hair cut. Yep, he is 2 and it is his first one. Well, as you can see, it was a disaster. He SCREAMED the whole time. Luckily we took him to Snip-Its which is a kids hair salon so they knew how to handle it. It will probably be a while before we go back and do that again!

After all the tears he looks cuter than ever!