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A good book!

I love seeing my little girl elbow deep in a good book at the library!

Text from Angela's teacher

I received this text and picture on Sunday night from Angela's teacher:
"Hi Donna, This is Erin Hull, Angela's teacher.  This is a photo of her as the Director of the Morning Meeting.  She was great!"
I (heart) our school SO MUCH!!

And so it begins....

travel hockey and travel soccer (for Rich) have begun.  If you need me, I will be on the field or at the rink.....

Fantasy football

How did I get sucked into fantasy football???  Not sure if I like it, but you can see Rich is already obsessed (that is him jumping up and down)!

First day of school!

First day of 1st and 3rd grade!  So sad they are so big, but so happy with their amazing school, teachers and friends! First time in two different schools too!  Richard is at the Upper school (and he is lucky enough to have AC in this heat wave!).

Early morning round of golf

And to round out the Labor Day weekend, an early round of golf for the boys.

Putt putt

A new toy for the roof for my budding golfers (and my husband who is leaving us to play in Ireland!).

Last pool day

Last day at Mirabella (our pool) - always a sad one.  But the kids certainly spent enough time there this summer!

And another beach day..

As of sailing isn't enough, a beach/pool afternoon to really pack in the summer!

A sail

Great day for a long sail on the ocean on Uncle Hutch's huge, beautiful sailboat!

Beach/pool day with cousins

We had an amazing Labor Day weekend with cousins/Aunts/Uncles!  Aunt DonnaJo and Uncle Hutch once again invited us to their little piece of paradise.  Between their house and Lawrence Beach Club, my kids are SPOILED!  Check out these Country Club kids - this lifestyle suits them well. 

US Open

We were SUPER lucky to get to spend the day at the US Open.  Thanks to cousin John (who gave us great seats in the stadium), we had a blast.  What an experience!  So up close and personal to the players.  The kids were really impressed!  Those woman can serve over 100 miles per hour.