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Trip to Baltimore

On Tuedsay Chris had a meeting in Baltimore so he decided to bring Richard to spend a couple of days with his cousins. They left on Monday afternoon and went on the plane all by themselves! A big task for most Dads.

Thanks for playing with me for a couple of days cousins Trent and Kendall.

Visit with Samantha

Today we FINALLY got to visit with cousin Samantha. She goes to Bryant University in Rhode Island. It is a beautiful school and she seems really happy there. It is only 45 minutes away and she is already a junior (sorry Sam!), so we hope to visit again soon.

Even though Samantha had some trucks to play with, Rich is not quite ready for college.

Children's Museum w/the Chitticks

Today we went to the Children's Museum with the Chitticks. It is the best place to let the kids run around and Ainsley and Sammy know all the good places to hit. It was the perfect rainy day activity!

This exhibit lets the kids watch the turtles from below.

And look who is practicing to be the next Blue Man.


The long awaited engagement is finally here!!! Yes, Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt have finally (after 9 years) decided to get married. We had hoped and pondered for a long time.....will Matt ever do it, but in Aruba 2 weeks ago he got down on one knee and took the plunge. And we were glad to finally get to celebrate with them last night.

Love you Aunt Erin!!

20 months at the game

Guess who is 20 months old already.......where does the time go.....where is my baby???

We celebrated with another trip to Fenway Park. Richie prefers baseball to other sports. On Sunday when Chris wanted to watch the Ryder Cup (golf tournament) or football he kept asking for Base-all. And he has been practicing his swing.

Apple picking

This weekend we went apple picking with the Hardings. Yes, apples and Maddie....2 of Richie's FAVORITE things!! It was really fun and a beautiful day. We threw the kids in the wagon....

....and headed out to pick the biggest and tastiest apples. We even put the kids to work.

Then we went on a hay ride....

And sat down for a picnic "lunch" of apple cider and cider donuts...healthy! Oh and Haley came too!

Once we were home, we made an apple pie. As you can was a hit!

Music class

We are finally spending a weekend at home so we got to have a Richie/Mommy day. We did lots of fun things today including going to music class. Usually Richie goes to Family Music Makers with Nana Mary on Wednesdays, but today I was able to go. It was so cute and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I love my Fridays!

Friends/beach/golf weekend

This weekend we went to Wells Maine again for a special weekend with friends. The boys played golf and the girls and kids spent some time on the beach.

Lots of fun with our girlfriends Maddie and "'Nessa"

And yes, the we did bath the kids together. I can't wait to show this picture at their wedding!

Another baseball game

We went to another Red Sox game today...boy are we lucky! It was a lot of fun....Rich was so good....and we got to see the World Series trophies!

Richie and his friend Judy. One of the only people he doesn't need time to warm up to. They are doing secret handshakes the minute we see her! Can't wait for her belly to get bigger so we can meet our new Tilden friend.

Girls weekend/Daddys weekend

This weekend was our second annual girls weekend away. There was 8 of us this year and we went to the Wentworth Inn in Portsmouth, NH again. We had SO MUCH fun and I just have to say how lucky I am to have such great friends. I don't have any pics of our weekend because what happens on girls weekend stays in Portsmouth!

While we were away the Dads got to spend the weekend alone with the kids. I know Richie, Regina and Chris had a lot of fun. On Saturday night they had a play date with the Hardings and here are some pictures.

I seriously think Richie is in love with Maddie. He gets a huge smile and his face lights up when we mention her name.


For Labor Day weekend we flew to Florida to visit Great-Grandma and to help her get some stuff done around her house. We played a lot but still made some progress on her chores. Great-Grandmas are great so we can't wait until she moves closer!

What a lucky boy to have 2 Grandmas to play with at once!! And man did they spoil him.

The airplane may have been the best part of the trip though. We may have to take a trip to the airport just to check out the planes again.