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My girls

Lazy Saturday morning snuggles!!

Dinner with the Shumways

Our friends the Shumways moved out of the North End but are luckily still just down the street. It is always nice to have a weeknight dinner with friends. And the kids love baby Carly. We can't call her baby for much longer since they have a new baby on the way.


My favorite call on a Friday morning is, "Hey, what are you doing?  We want to come into the city."  We got one of those calls this morning from Linsey.  And a perfect day for it as it is sunny and warm out.  The aquarium isn't great right now because it is under construction, but the kids never seem to realize when they are together.

Valentine's Day

Not sure when Valentine's Day became like Christmas, but I am pretty sure it is my fault.  I try to make birthday's and holidays extra special and what I did is make more work for myself.  Oh well, the kids loved it and life is too short not to.  Or maybe I want to make sure my kids grow up saying how Mom did have a little bit of creativity in her.  Heart shaped waffles (eggo's with a few pieces cut off!) and fruit skewers (that I also made for Rich's whole class!) for breakfast.  The house was decorated and presents (only a few) were wrapped.  The kids were especially excited to give each other their cards. AND I even remembered to get Regina a present.  Poor thing didn't get a new toy for too long to admit.
Happy Valentine's Day to all four of my loves!
(I got flowers, a nice dinner and a box of See's candy.  I thank my mother in law for teaching me about that box of heaven!)

Snow is still fun!

This was school pick up.  The kids want their boots and snow pants on every second they are out now because they can't help but play in the snow banks!  So at school pick up we got the kids all dressed and just let them romp in the piles.  I didn't take these pictures until later on.  Earlier, there were tons of kids on these piles.  We finally had to go because I was cold and they were soaked.

Still no school

I know horrible picture quality, but it made my day.  Lots of schools are closed again today so Rich is spending the day with his sister at Kindercare.  What you CAN see in this picture is that he is obviously ok with it.  They are making snowballs.  I love that Angela's teacher texted me this.  One of the benefits of modern technology. 

Happy Chinese new year!

Rich and Angela's friends Nicla and Enzo invited all of us to celebrate the Chinese new year with them.  It was a wonderful impromptu luncheon (after Nicla's birthday party was canceled for this crazy weather) and a great way for the kids to celebrate.  Rich had also celebrated at school last week with lanterns and a dragon that they made.  They then paraded around outside to show off their work. Hoping for a great year of the snake.

Snow!! Finally!

Finally!  Some real snow!  We have been waiting over 2 years for this storm and it did not disappoint.  We had a BLAST! We all have snow shoes now and good thing because it was the only way the kids could get around Saturday morning.  Angela finally loves that Christmas present.  The kids were out ALL weekend well after dark.  And Regina....well Regina may love the snow the most.  I didn't get great pictures/videos, but I got a lot of them (lines below are links to videos).
I love the city, I love the week skiing in Maine!  Now let's just get these kids back to school.

Angela down the flights
Rich like a pro!
On to sledding at the cemetery.
After dark down the street.
Daddy teaching bad habits.


Look who can read a whole book! How perfect that it happens to be one of Angela's favorites! Listening (instead of reading them all) works for me.


Thank goodness for a playdate at the start of the big snow storm. It works out perfect. Fineas' mom gets to go to work and my kids are entertained!
Now bring on the snow. Can't wait to use all of our new sleds, snow ball makers and igloo makers that Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt bought us for Christmas. Maybe even have Ang try out her new snow shoes.

Aunt Kim visit

So glad Aunt Kim flew up to meet Bradley. Rich and Angela got lots of snuggles with her as well.

Happy birthday Uncle Matt

Now that Uncle Matt is a dad he is sillier than ever! You will be a great dad if you are willing to dance Gangham Style with my kids!
Happy birthday Uncle Matt!
Watch "Gangham with Uncle Matt!" on YouTube