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Ice skating

Richie and his first trip to the Steriti ice rink. I think we will be spending a lot of time here!

Christmas w/Aunt Erin & Uncle Matt

Since we weren't able to see Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt on Christmas, we celebrated another day with them at our house. As you can see, more great presents arrived. My favorite one, Regina's SNUGGIE!

Christmas 2009

We had Christmas dinner at Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim's. So fun to hang out with lots more cousins! We were also able to "see" Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt on the computer through Skype. And Grandma was there so it turned out to be the best Christmas ever!

Christmas morning

Christmas morning was all that we thought it would be. The house was full of the wonderful sound of kids giggles and their faces glowed all day. As you can see, Santa brought everyone what they had asked for. Next year we will have to work more on the real spirit of Christmas and less on the presents. Richie did say his favorite part was spending time with his cousins! The best I can hope for from a 2 year old.

I got the best present of all this year!!! Chris was able to make all of my blog entries into a beautiful hard cover book. All of the work of writing this blog and now I have a keepsake. I may have shed a tear opening this one.

Christmas eve

On Christmas eve we had a nice Italian feast of the fishes dinner at our friends the Brooks' house. The Martino's were also there so it was a nice Lake Hill Farms (my old neighborhood) reunion. Before bed we put out cookies and milk for Santa (that Richie and Babci had made earlier that day) and carrots for the reindeer.

Hanging out at Babci's house

While we were preparing for Christmas, we got to spend a few days at Babci's house. She had lots of snow so to play in. Chris even made a mini snowman, but it didn't last long. Next thing we knew it was on the ground with Regina eating the M&M eyes!! HUM, very fishy! We also went to dinner at the Gasho. It is a Japanese steakhouse where they cook at the grill in front of you. VERY fun for a 2 year old. He has always been pretty good at the chopsticks although this time he would only use the "cheater piece". We will be back soon for the good food and fun drinks with umbrellas in them! Maybe next time we will be able to catch the broccoli that the cook tried to toss straight into our mouths.

December/Christmas pictures

Here are just some pictures from the past few weeks. They didn't have a place, but I couldn't resist putting up. We really enjoyed the holiday season and all that the city has to offer this time of year.

The Fanueil Hall Christmas tree.

Wearing the reindeer antlers they made with Dawn.

"Visiting" the Macy's Santa on the trolley when he came to light the trees at the Prado. Of course this is as close as we got!

Watching the snow fall with Daddy. My precious boys!

Our first "real" snow storm

We got our first snow storm that gave us enough snow to play in today. Probably about 10 inches. No one could wait to get out to play in it. Unfortunately we went out while it was still windy and cold so Richie and his sensitive eyes weren't happy. We didn't stay out long because he was complaining and whining. But as soon as we walked back in the door he smiled and said, "Mommy, that was sooo much fun". I will never understand 2 year olds! On the other hand, Angela could care less about the wind and had SO much fun. And did I mention Chris dumped Richie out of the sled.....probably didn't help anything. But he had a great time!

Tubbies together!

I can't believe the kids are old enough to take a tub together already. That is why I had to take a picture of this momentous event! And my squeeky clean kids afterward. Angela was so excited we couldn't tell if she was shaking because she was cold or having so much fun.

Aunt Erin's birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT ERIN!! We were lucky to get to celebrate with Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt. They are too often really busy or out of the country. We had dinner, made her cupcakes and then visited her at her office.

Visiting Aunt Erin at her office to give her birthday cupcakes and flowers.

I have a picture of Chris with Richie in the matching aprons also if you are interested!

How santa travels in the north end...

Every year in our neighborhood there is a Christmas parade that starts with a kickoff in the park. We got to see Wally, who Rich loves. Santa arrives in a different kind of sleigh and says hi to all the kids before he gets in the parade. Rich will not get within 10 feet of Santa so your going to have to be happy with pictures with Wally and Mickey.

While Rich loved the helicopter, Angela wasn't impressed.

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas..

We got another great Christmas tree this year. Rich of course had to "help" put it in the stand. Babci was here so we put her to work on the tree too.

The first Christmas as 4.

Angela can now sit on the floor and steal Rich's toys. He loves that. It is really cute to see them play together.

Angela is 6 months old

Yep, she is 6 months old already! I had to put this picture of the face we see all the time around here. My little drama queen and her pout!

Richie at 6 months - oh poor thing looks like he is about to bust at the seams!! My little stuffed sausage.

Big kids night out.

We had tickets to another Bruins game so it was a "big" kids night out. We love getting to spend time alone with Richie. It was an exciting game because we caught a t-shirt and got on the Jumbotron!! Pretty exciting stuff for a 2 year old......and I admit, me too!
We were able to get away because Uncle Matt agreed to himself!!! He had been talking about it for a while, but was too nervous. Mostly because of the diapers. But this night he got a quick run down of what to do and we were off. It seems everything went well so he is hired!