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Girl scout cookies

Angela and her Daisy troop sold girl scout cookies for the second year in a row.  They sold over $1,000 worth of cookies (making $200 for her troop) in about an hour!  Always good when the firemen come by!

Cool dude!

Look what we came home from the barber looking like! Next he wants a mo-hawk (and NOT a fo-hawk he says!)!

Beautiful winter weekend!

Sometimes in New England winter time feels like spring.  This weekend was gorgeous so we hit the water!

Feb break - Mt. Tremblant 2016

Had another amazing February break week with good friends in Canada.  We LOVE Mt. Tremblant and who wouldn't love spending a week "living" with your friends.  There is so much to do there, I couldn't take pictures of everything. 
The week started off cold (I think we saw -25!!), but it warmed up quickly and we had a great week of skiing.  We also went dog sledding again which is always my favorite part.  Oh the memories we made!  So glad to have the Hardings and Blancos join us this year.  Just adore that my kids are now best friends with my best friend's kids. 

Big Air at Fenway

Since we were leaving for vacation tomorrow (and it was bitter cold out) I told the kids we couldn't go to Fenway for the ski jump competition.  BUT Auntie Lisa wanted to go so they were all set.  It isn't often you get to see a 140 foot ski jump in the middle of a baseball field.  Lucky kids!

100th day of school

100th day of school celebration.  Angela put 100 marshmallows on her shirt, and she did it twice.  Babci helped her make her shirt....and then.....Regina ate all 100 marshmallows off!!  So she had to do it again!  But she did great and enjoyed the fashion show, showing off her shirt and singing and dancing.  The kids had also filled their compliment jar so it was pajama day.

Snow day!

We didn't have much snow this year so we had to make up for a whole season when it came!