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Colrain, MA

After an already busy weekend, our friends the Hamweys invited us to spend a night in the Farmhouse they rented in Western, Mass.  Colrain is an adorable little town (is it even big enough to call a town) near the Vermont border..  The farmhouse is adorable, a huge lawn for the kids to play and the river across the street to wade in.  PERFECT New England vacation with good friends (our friends the Ginsburgs were there as well)!

Pool's open!!

Yee-haw - the pools open!!

The Blancos

Another friend visit - The Blanco's.  Fun day in the city with friends and roof deck party with more of the "Boston" crew.  Can't wait for Roman and Vanessa to come back!

World Cup soccer

World Cup Soccer - a dream come true at a slow sports time for Rich!
He has been following every team, he can tell you just about every score, he knows what their flag looks like, and he can even show you just about each team on the world map.  The geography lessons that have been coming out of this soccer tournament are my favorite part.
On their first official day of summer vacation, Jaime (our summer nanny) took the kids to watch the US soccer game in city hall plaza on the big screen.  They stayed and watch every minute and cheered with the throngs of people there.  Go team USA!

Last day of school!

We celebrated the last day of school with an ice cream party at a friends house.  Turned out a ton of friends went and we stayed long past dinner time.
Ready for summer break!

BAA 10k

Since I had not raced in a while, I decided to join Kara and Lisa in the BAA 10k.  It was a pretty flat race that runs through the city.  We did fine considering the heat and rewarded ourselves with a delicious brunch and bloody mary.  They also had some fun kid races that of course my two loved. Angela and I treated ourselves to pedicures after the hard work of the day.

Angela's birthday party

Angela FINALLY had her birthday party.  It was really, officially her very first.  She had lots of ideas of what she wanted to do and decided on a party in the park with her 3 best friends.  How great is that??
So we took Camden, Marin (yes they are twins and I can barely tell them apart) and Clare to lunch (Angela's favorite restaurant the 99!!) and then to the new park at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center.  This place is beyond amazing.  It is a fully handicap accessible park with swings and merry go rounds you can push wheel chairs on to.  It is on this beautifully renovated pier on the water and seriously couldn't be nicer!  We did cupcakes, a pinata and gave out goody bags.  Angela said it was the best party ever!  I think this is the first time my little girl has picked the girls over the boys.

T Ball awards

This was one of those super busy Saturdays!  Started the morning with Angela's last T Ball game.  They played the kids versus the parents.  They then had pizza and got medals and baseballs to remember the season by. 
I overheard another Mom pointing out Chris as one of the coaches.  She then pointed out Richard and said how he was a really good baseball player and the coaches son.  Then she pointed out Angela and said she was the best kid on the T Ball team....I was proud!


As I mentioned, the kids had something to do almost every day at the end of school!  Today was Legoland for the K1ers.  It was pretty hysterical taking 35 kids (4-5 year olds) on the city bus to get there.  It is so close that it worked out perfectly and the kids had a blast.  Anyone can feel like a kid here!

Whisher's visit

We were lucky enough to get a visit from my old friend Whisher from college.  It is always great to see her and Eric and all of the kids got along so well.  Come back any time Nelly and Jake!

Field Day

Since the kids (almost) literally had activities every day the last 2 weeks of school, Chris and I could not go to Field Day.  BUT, because of our awesome friends, I have these pictures.
Richard's favorite day of the year!  Lots of sports, activities and a bbq lunch.