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Kisses for the new year!

Just wanted to send our love and kisses to everyone for a happy new year!!

We spent our new year's eve at the Harding's house with other friends as well. It was a great night and the kids had fun. AND they all went to bed so the adults could ring in the new year. Yes, even I stayed awake until midnight.

(Picture stolen from Kara Harding - Rich and his girlfriend Maddie)


The boys were able to do some sledding at Babci's house. As you can see they loved it! And the Dads got a good work out to burn off all of those holiday pounds. How can you resist the smiles buried under all those clothes.

Dancing with Santa

The boys learned some serious dance moves from Santa this year. Check out Richie playing the drums while Jake slow dances with the singing Santa! They jumped around the house all day on Christmas. They were so tired they had to take an early nap before they even opened all of their presents.

More Christmas pictures

Just a few more pictures from our fun Christmas day.

Uncle Jim teaching me how to play hockey with my new net.

Santa came and ate the cookies, drank his milk AND gave the reindeer some carrots!

Hungry Hungry Hippo was one of the favorite toys of the day.

Santa came!

Hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did!

Brayden's Birthday

Some pics from our night celebrating Christmas and Brayden's birthday with the boys. We had pizza and cake and opened all of our presents. Can you believe they are old enough to play a board game?

Mrs. Claus

We went to the library to visit with Mrs. Claus. She read stories, sang songs, and the kids danced around. That day she was almost as cool as the big man.....Santa!

Aunt Erin's Birthday

Just some pictures from Aunt Erin's birthday dinner.

Photo shoot for Christmas cards

Just wanted to give you a taste of all of the good (and not so good) pictures we took during our christmas card photo shoot. Hopefully they will go in the mail soon so you can see which one was the winner!

Aunt Erin's swearing in ceremony

Aunt Erin is officially a lawyer!! We all were able to attend the swearing in ceremony where she signed the states register and took her oaths in the historic Faneuil Hall. Congrats Erin, try not to work too hard!

MIT Christmas party

Just some pictures from the annual McGovern Institute holiday party at MIT. Rich was a dancing fool as usual. And the line to get to the balloon man was so long, but luckily he was fine with the one little balloon we found on the floor!

Santa belly

This morning Richie got creative and decided to put his trains down his shirt so he would have a big belly like Santa. Before that he was putting his shirt over his nose to have a red nose like Rudolph. OBVIOUSLY we have been playing a lot of Christmas carols around here because how else would he know these things??

Decorating the tree

We finally got our tree decorated! It is always a lot of work putting up the Christmas decorations, but they are all done and our house looks like a winter wonderland now. Rich had a lot of fun digging through all of the bins and hanging decorations on the tree. He even took a few off so he could re-hang them!

Seeing Santa

We went to see Santa today! At 5 am (when he had crawled into bed on my day off!) he just kept saying, "Santa, Santa, Santa". So we found him over in Downtown Crossing. He was a great Santa and although these pictures look like Richie is hating it, he was actually really cute about it all. He only hated sitting on his lap. When I was holding him he was telling Santa that he wanted baseballs and footballs for Christmas. Looks like it is going to be an easy year for us.

Finding our Christmas tree

We went and searched out the perfect Christmas tree already this year. With Thanksgiving being so late I feel so behind with all of the things that need to get done before the holidays. Richie was very excited to get a tree and enthralled with how it went on the roof of the car and then came in our house!

Check out this perfect tree!

Singing the ABC's

So I finally got it on camera although it isn't his best effort. For those of you who have been around us recently, you know how Rich sings the ABC song ALL DAY LONG. It is obviously his favorite song and he is really good at it! In this video he misses a lot of the letters because he does not want to be taped. But he literally knows all the letters and the ending. I guess he was developing his verbal skills when he was sitting on his bottom for all those months NOT crawling.

This was taken this morning and I had to bribe his with a cookie. It was only 9 am, but it was the only way I could get him to do it for the camera.