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Cousin weekend

Family fun!!  Boats, beach, Red Sox, trains, Duck Tours, and much much more!!


Always a fun race with Lisa!  We run for brunch!

One Boston Day

Spent a wonderful morning walking with the 1st graders at the Eliot to the main Boston Fire department.  Each kid made a personal thank you card for the firemen and then walked all the way over there on a cold morning to deliver them.  The guys were very touched and we got to see our favorite fireman Tommy!
Can't believe it has been three years, but very glad to be doing nice things on this new celebratory day!

Sous chef

Angela has found a real love for cooking and I have been loving having her help.  She is really good with a knife and dinner gets done quicker with her help.

Sound of Music

Fun late Sunday night - dinner with (lots!) of friends and the Sound of Music.  The three of us have been singing all of the songs since.  Could be one of my favorites ever.  And I bumped into an old friend from work who has since retired.  What a treat.
Reminds me of mine and Chris's trip to Austria.  We took a bus tour to a few of the real movie locations with the songs blasting.  I will never forget it!

Aunt Kim visit

We had a great overnight at the Michael's while we were also able to visit with Aunt Kim.  Although I meant I had to share my William snuggle time, we were so glad she made the trip up.  And as you can tell, there are now a lot of snuggles to go around!  Cousins are the best!

Jim May and the Boston Conservatory

Richard was able to spend the week doing a residency with Jim May who is the Artistic Director of the Sokolow Theater/Dance Ensemble, New York (and still teaching at 79!).  Along with a grant from the Linde Foundation and help from other Boston Conservatory teachers, the students were able to work with this world renown choreographer and learn about modern dance.  Praise for Mr. Murphy (the kids theater teacher) as well.  He could be doing so much more with his skill, but his passion is teaching elementary school kids.
Because of a snow day, they had one less day, but their performance was still great.  I can't say enough about how I love our school and community because of the opportunities these kids have.  I am also always so proud of my sports loving kid who continues to broaden his horizons!

Video of Warm up

Working from home

I used to be able to work from home with a baby in my lap, now I see I can do it with a cat.  This is Milo who likes to come upstairs to visit.  He prefers when it is just me because I am quiet and sit still!  The kids get jealous he likes me the best!


Although it's always hard to get out there, I love the views.  No matter which way I go, I get to run along the water.  Since I don't have the energy my kids have, this helps.

NCAA championship game

This was the scene at our house last night (after I went to bed!) and then this morning.  Kids got ready in a flash to watch the buzzer beater and One Shining Moment....over and over and over....
Love March madness

Pizza and bowling Eastie style

Met our friends the Scarpa's in East Boston for some delicious pizza (Santarpios!!) and bowling on a cold snowy Sunday. 

March madness

With two days of games left, Richard is already the family bracket winner - third year in a row!  SO ANNOYING!!!  Look at that smug smile.