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Thanksgiving weekend in NY

We enjoyed the rest of the long weekend visiting more family.  The kids spent all waking hours with their best buds...their cousins!  Uncle Eddie and Kevin came to visit so there were plenty of people to play hockey with (even though Babci doesn't have the right equipment Richie has learned to improvise with a basket for a helmet and a golf club).  The boys have also started to wrestle although as you can see in the video, Richie isn't as into it as Jake.  While in NY we saw Aunt Karen's family at her sister Michelle's baby shower.  We can't wait for Aunt Michelle and Uncle Scott's new baby!

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year spent with family in Brooklyn.  The kids wore their special outfits and spent the day playing and playing.  We have so much to be thankful for this year so this is a special day for me.  
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our friends and family.  Know we are thankful for you and your love today and every day.

Just some pics of the kids....


"California Gurlz"

Richie's favorite song......sorry for the camera shake, but I was HYSTERICALLY laughing!  Our very own Katy Perry.

Richie's first 5K!

Richie and I ran a 5K together today!  Yep, he is only 3 but he has wanted to do one for a long time now.  This wasn't the perfect race for kids (like I thought it would be), but it was the activity I had found for the weekend so we were going to try.

I had to post each and every one of these pictures because they truly tell the story of our day.  First one, check out Richie's outfit.  He refused to wear a coat (even though it was only 40 degrees).  He wanted only his hat and his long sleeve t-shirt under an orange t-shirt.  When he was getting in the car he saw his reflection and said, "Oh boy, I do look like a racer".  Then he had a melt down and actually got really nervous to cross the starting line.  We had to have a little pep talk.  Once we finally got started he was off.  He ran for at least 1 full mile without stopping!  We talked, ran, skipped and jumped past at least 30 people.  We did have to walk for the last bit, but as you can see, we picked it up and r…

Ice skating!!

So we had a very different boy this year for ice skating lessons!!  Last year he was skeptical, took a few weeks to get comfortable, and then would have set backs even after he had a great lesson.  Not this year!  He has been talking about it for days and every time I mentioned it his face lit up.  At one point I sat him down and said, "Are you super excited about lessons or a little bit nervous"?  He just looked at me like I was crazy and said, "EXCITED!".  He did so well he was asleep within 15 minutes of getting home....which is 45 minutes early.  He knows how to read the 8 on the clock and he has never called it a night before the "8 on the left".

Richie was lucky enough to have Kate as his instructor again and so far it is a private lesson.  You really can't beat Wednesday nights at Steriti Rink.  I think it is safe for me to book his birthday party here again....Spiderman goes ice skating!

DC - Day 3

One day 3, we were up bright and early again to get to the Capitol for our tour.  This was probably not the kids favorite, but we were all impressed and inspired none the less.  The fun started for the kids when we hit the Building Museum.  They had a Lego room that the kids would have stayed in all day had we let them.  We actually didn't get to see the rest of the museum because Richie melted down when he had to leave the Lego's.  So we instead went straight to lunch.

After lunch the kids hit the stroller for nap time and the adults split up.  Chris went straight back to the Building Museum and the girls went to the National Portrait Gallery and the American Art Museum.  All 3 were again voted winners!  After nap we told the kids we were going to go to the Zoo, but after 3 full days we were just too exhausted.

All in all a great vacation!  We won't soon forget all of our fun activities.  We learned so much and the only thing we paid for were the Lego and butterfly exhib…

DC - Day 2

Well everyone was feeling better and the rain stopped so we set out early on foot day 2.  Because of this we were able to cover a lot of ground in a day.  First thing in the morning we went down to the White House and then the Monuments.  You can see what a beautiful day it was for walking and taking pictures.  The whole Mall is just gorgeous and the way it is designed, all you can see is monuments for miles.

Throughout the morning we talked about all of the Presidents (Richie knows the first 8 by heart!) and what each of the buildings meant.   We even saw Barack Obama take off in his helicopter from the White House lawn!  Richie was pretty impressed with the size of his house, but the when he saw he had a helicopter that picked him up at his house.......well he may be his new favorite person!

In the afternoon cousin Colleen came in from Richmond to meet us.  We checked out the Museum of Natural History with her (another MUST see).  Life sized animals and is just amazi…