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Visit with the Fosters

We had a fun day with the Fosters in the North End. They came up and gave us our usual obscene amount of hand me down clothes for the kids and then we hit the feast! It was St. Anthony's weekend ON our street so we decided to join the festivities since we had to hear all of them anyway. The kids had fun although it really gets so crowded you could barely move. After eating dinner (and dessert) at the feast we played for a while on the roof deck. At 9 pm (yes, way past the kids bedtime) we decided to head to the waterfront to get a great view of the random fireworks on the harbor. And if that wasn't enough, we rode the carousel before finally heading home. As you can see from this picture, the kids were VERY tired by the end.

Maggie my new puppy niece

We have a new addition to the family! Erin and Matt adopted a puppy and she is so adorable. The kids are having so much fun with Miss Maggie. You can see Richie and Regina trying to get Maggie out from under the couch. Usually (as you can see in the last picture) Regina just completely ignores her. Good luck ignoring a puppy for long, Regina. Wait until she comes to stay with us for the weekend!

Trip to our farm

After the Eric Carle Museum we headed to Brookfield Farm (which we call "our farm" because we belong to the CSA) to pick some fruit and veggies. As you can see, Richie went to work. You can tell we have done this a lot. He sure knows what to do finally.
We got some delicious raspberries, green beans, purple beans, edamame, tomatoes and wild flowers.

Eric Carle Museum

Since Chris has work out in Amherst, Mass we all decided to go with him. We booked a hotel room and headed out after work on Thursday. In the morning I took the kids to breakfast and they were so wound up we hit the pool by 9:00 am! Yes, I had those kids who were sprinting laps around the hotel lobby. UGH! After the pool we hit the Eric Carle Museum of Book Art. We have been before and loved it as much again this year.

Red Sox cheerleader!

Angela finally fit into (and already outgrew) a Red Soxcheerleader outfit from Emily and Gracie. Needless to say, she was the hit of the whole bleachers!!! And this is her blowing kisses to the camera. She is a little ham when she wants to be!

Summer ice skating

Yes, a little stranger but fun...we went ice skating in August. Colton's Uncle Zach had this event at an ice rink so we stopped by for some pizza, ice cream and ice skating. Richie was a little rusty, but Angela is clearly ready to hit the ice!

Long Island/wedding weekend

Just as we unpacked from the Trout Club, we repacked for Long Island. My cousin Steven married this wonderful girl Heather and we were lucky enough to attend the beautiful wedding on the water in southern LI. Before the wedding we spent the day at Aunt Donna Jo and Uncle Hutch's beach club. The kids just love spending time there. AND while we were at the wedding, they were able to spend some alone time with Aunt Donna Jo and her little helpers (cousins Blair, Lindsey, Diana and Brendan).
Notice my little fish! Angela put her arms back in this adorable position each and every time she jumped into the water. And Richie is unstoppable with his swimmies.