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Providence Bruins game

With our Bruins 10 game ticket pack we got vouchers to a Providence Bruins game. Since the weather hasn't officially warmed up yet, it seemed like a perfect day to head down there. We made a whole day of it with a "quick stop" at the Wrentham Outlet Mall for some early birthday presents for the adults!
Not sure how we did it, but we turned our vouchers into 5th row seats for the game. We could see everything so even Angela was completely mesmerized. Her favorite part was the music and she danced to every song that screamed through the speakers. Richie's favorite part was how close we were to the penalty box.

Balloon animals never get old

It was a lazy Saturday (well I had just come from Bootcamp so it wasn't that lazy!) so we decided to walk into Faneuil Hall and have lunch out. Even at this time of year, the vendors and entertainers are around. And you can't pass the balloon guy without getting some fun creation. So we got a flower and a hat with a dog on it. Neither were very good......but sometimes it just doesn't matter.

Spring Skiing!

Even though it isn't technically spring yet, it has felt like it! Since it was going to be 70 degrees we decided to go to Mt. Sunapee for their annual tail gate party. There is truly nothing better than skiing to the bottom of the mountain and popping open a cold beer.
And of course Richie LOVED it and did amazing!!! Went up the chair lift, hit some of the real slopes and skied by himself. Oh yeah and Angela came too.
Thanks especially to Lisa who came with us and was a lot of help!!

Picnic at the park

On such a nice day we had to go to the park for a picnic! After this we are off to the playground. TGIF!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope you wear your green, have time to relax....and enjoy a beer.

Magic Kingdom....finally!

We were all finally healthy and off to see Mickey!! What a great day. The kids were troopers and went on so many rides during a very long day. Each were better than the last. Angela was the best and LOVED everything she saw. She only took 1 small nap because she knew there was too much to miss.

Day in Downtown Disney

Our first full day in Orlando didn't go exactly as planned. Richie got a stomach bug so we had to skip Animal Kingdom with the family. Poor thing didn't feel well, but wanted to get out and see Disney so bad. We tried twice to rally and get there, but it wasn't in the cards. Instead we spent the day in Downtown Disney relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Now on to Orlando

After the race we hit the road for Orlando. We were able to check out the pool and then Grandpa and Nana Sheila came down for dinner. It was nice to get to see them even though it was only for a short time.


One of the reasons we went to Florida was so that "girls" could run the Susan G. Komen 5k. It turned out to be a great race and we raised over $1,400! Check out our cheering section.
Erin and I finished first and when Kim came by we ran to the finish again with her and all of the kids. It was so nice!
A special thanks to all of ou friends and family who donated to this wonderful cause. We couldn't have done it without your help. Love to all!

Friday in Ft. Myers

Our first day in Florida was spent planning our Disney trip. Trent and Kendall didn't know we were going so it was nice to spill that surprise to them! Uncle Matt was our ring leader so the kids had lots of questions. We also enjoyed Kim's hot tub and playing cars and dress up with our cousins!

Flying to Florida

Packing and getting on a plane is never as easy task anymore, but we did it! We worked in the morning, flew to Ft. Lauderdale then drove to Ft. Myers. We didn't get in until midnight, but it was worth it. The kids were pretty good on the trip and just excited to get there. And check out Angela hitting the booze on the plane! We all needed a was the start of vacation!

Getting ready for Florida

Just some pictures of Angela trying on some of her new clothes so we can pack for Florida. She kept those sunglasses on for quite some time. I think she is going to be my little beach baby! Fun in the sun, here we come!!! HELLO Mickey!

Jakie and Joshua's birthday party

We had a great weekend in NY to celebrate Jakie and Joshua's birthday. They had a Mickey Mouse themed 3rd/1st birthday party. It is always a fun weekend watching the boys play. Joshua is actually the newest hockey player in the family. Richie is in heaven!
And the was 50 degrees so we were able to spend a lot of time outside. Chris and I actually ran outside twice. It was amazing and so nice to have someone else to help me train for my 5K. Just a few more days until Florida!

Visiting with Uncle Hutch

Since we were in NY this weekend, we went down to Brooklyn for a quick visit with Uncle Hutch and the Gansons. Unfortunately we missed Aunt Donna Jo, but still had a great time. It was so nice to get to see them since Uncle Hutch had been back in the hospital for another 3 weeks. Although he was tired, we thought he looked great! The kids weren't as well behaved as I would have liked, but hopefully he enjoyed seeing them as well.

I didn't take my camera out until after Uncle Hutch left to take a nap, but I got a picture playing with Lindsay and Blair.

Angela is 9 months old!

Angela is growing like a weed and time is flying too quickly. 9 months has come and gone before our eyes. Our baby is becoming a precocious little girl and we are loving every minute of it.

16 pounds 9 ounces (12th percentile)
27 1/2 inches (45th percentile)

Richie looking so stylish at 9 months!

Ice skating video

Since Richie has become REALLY good at ice skating I had to post a video of it. It is kind of short because he decided he was done once I got the camera out. BUT you can tell how he is actually gliding now instead of scooting along. Unfortunately there is only 1 more week of lessons. We are all sad it is ending, but it has been a great experience.

Welcome home Daddy!

In preparation for Daddys arrival home (late tonight) we made him a welcome home sign.  And no,  Richie doesn't have pants on. Took them off.  Said he was hot.  I don't have the energy to question at this point.

Crawling and trains -

Trying out updating my blog from my phone.  Just some pics from this morning for Daddy.  I found Angela on her belly 3 times this morning.  She keeps reaching for toys.  She may just crawl yet!
And Richie and I took the train to work/school today.  Very fun for a little boy!

More pictures for Daddy

Day 4 almost over - 2 more to go without Daddy. We miss him lots so we took more pictures. As if he could forget these faces. Oh and it is Regina's birthday......poor dog! We used to have a whole day of things for her. Homemade peanut butter treats, I barely remember.

Dawn loves the piggie tails!

Richie "talking" to Daddy on Angela's phone carrying her purse.