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One of our favorite shows - Annie with my Annie!  Friends, lunch and a few oysters to end the day with my mimi me.

Harry's sleepover

Richard has the best group of friends!  Rock climbing then a (non sleeping) sleepover at Harry's house.

Summer in the city

The roof's open and the city is alive and ready for another summer!

Angela and the Junior Cubs

Is there any sport she can't play??  Angela is the best pitcher, catcher and first baseman for the Junior Cubs.

Mother's Day 2017

Got to spend a wonderful mother's day with the two little ones who made me a Mom.  Thanks for putting on heard pants for a nice brunch. ;)

Girls at the Red Sox

Since the boys could not go to the Red Sox game, we took some girls.  Angela LOVED getting to hang with her girlfriends.  Their favorite part is always the treats. Fun day with Julia, Pilar and Charlie!

Angela's first holy communion

An absolutely beautiful day for my Angela Jane!  She looked absolutely gorgeous and she couldn't help but smile from ear to ear.  She celebrated with her family and then with friends who feel like family now.  We are truly blessed!
Brunch with family at Monica's and then a bbq at the Crocini's. How cute is she with her bbf's?!?!?!

Baseball is back

Baseball is back for my sports nut!  Behind the plate for this game.

More Celtics playoffs

Hoping the Celtics keep going so we can continue to go to the games!
And so fun to see our NEAA on the jumbotron!