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Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween!  What a great, crazy day it was.  I took the day off of work so I could take the kids on their field trips.  Angela went Trick or Treating at the Coast Guard base.  Always an awesome time!  The 1st graders were invited to the new Partners Office complex to Trick or Treat.  Both kids came home (before trick or treating in the north end) with FULL bags and huge smiles.  After school it was on to the Nazzaro haunted house and the pizza party at the Prado.  Needless to say, I passed out on the couch at 8. Oh and who knew I could be so creative and make banana and pancake ghosts for breakfast!

Red Sox!

Checking the scores every morning and wearing team colors to cheer on the Red Sox!

Celtics courtside!!

At 5:00 Chris got a call from a customer (who happens to live across the street), asking if we wanted his seats for the pre-season Celtics game tonight.  Of course we do!  Yes, it was the first game of the World Series and the Red Sox were playing, but you still can't beat going to a game.
Chris had a feeling this guy had good seats, but when we arrived at Row A the kids were ecstatic.  Courtside, directly behind the players seats!  It was so awesome!   They were just feet from us and they were huge.  We could hear the plays they were going to run and then watched them run them.  Angela didn't love the seats because we were almost too close and she had trouble seeing over the 6'7" players!  The game was on ESPN and we were so close to the court that we were also on TV
a lot.  My Mom was able to tell me what we were wearing because she watched it.  I found a quick link below.  You can see how close we were.

Click here to see us on TV at 43 seconds!

Suffolk Stampede

The kids school is associated with Suffolk University who in turn does some fundraising for the school throughout the year.  This annual fall race hs always been a lot of fun and this year the kids really stepped it up.  The had lots of games to play on the ballfield while we waited for the races to begin.  The kids fun run was to run around the field three times.  Angela killed it and came in second place!  Most of the other kids didn't even run all three laps.
Then Rich and I ran the 5k.  He was certainly the youngest one running by quite a few years and he did an amazing job!  We literally only walked in two small parts (up this huge hill!!) and ran the rest of the way.  We beat many people with a time of 32 minutes. 
I am SO PROUD of my little speed demons.  I think we will certainly be out there running again soon.

World Series bound???

When your team is in the running for the World Series you just have to stay up late to check out a game (even when it starts after bedtime).  Poor kid will only see a few innings here and there if we let him stay up late, but he is still following along!

Neighborhood Block party

Our friends the McGiverns and the Wolfsons live on this really small street and they like to close it on nice days for some serious block party fun!  We used to have these growing up so I am glad my kids can experience it as well.  Staying up late with all of your friends just riding bikes and for the kids and adults.
Check out the tree house the Wolfsons have in their backyard!

Uncle Kevin!

Uncle Kevin was in Boston for a bachelor party and he was nice enough to take time to come see us.  Couldn't miss seeing one of my favorite little cousins!

Ringling Brothers

We love living next to the Garden because we constantly get cheap tickets to events.  Can't beat cheap, yet good seats...and you can't miss the circus.  This year was a really good one.  Lots of elephants, tigers, had all of our favorites and more.
Also, the elephants walk down Hanover St every year and this year Angela's class got to see it.  The kids got to see the amazing creatures up close while they had a snack.

Columbus Day

The best place to be on Columbus Day - Columbus Park!  Lots of performers, sports, and this year non-North End friends to share it with!

Loving to read????

Richard has really progressed into an amazing reader.  We are so proud of him, but who knew there would still be a problem.  He doesn't actually like to read.  I love to read so it is actually hard for me to understand. 
We have been trying so hard to find ways for him to love it, but it was only this week that we saw some progress.  Sports Illustrated Kids didn't do it, but this chapter book that he loves (Magic Treehouse - thanks Trent who gave him almost the whole series!) maybe did???  He read this whole chapter book in two sittings!  Maybe it is this book series, maybe it is knowing he can now read "big kid" chapter books?  We will just keep trying.  In the meantime, I love seeing his little nose in a book!

Columbus Day Parade

The kids had the privilege of walking in the Columbus Day parade for NEMPAC (North End Music and Performing Arts Center).  I have said many times how much I love NEMPAC where Ang currently takes ballet and they both take guitar lessons.  The parade was definitely a cool experience for the kids because they first got to hang out with all of the different people walking.  You can see some of the people they met below.  I hope they learned a lot.  The parade was actually very crowded in some places and even on TV!  Angela was such a trooper and held that banner for miles.

Fall weekend with Grandpa

We had a super fun weekend with Grandpa in town.  Lots of play time with Bradley.  Who doesn't love Fall in New England?!?!