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Another tooth

Finally another tooth is gone!  This one needed to go.  And he let Chris pull it for him.  Twice the tooth fairy prize for that.

Going for a run

Nothing better than a beautiful day after a long cold winter to go for a run with my little buddy!  We got quite a few stares and laughs (he is fast and often skipping around me as a labor on!!) and hit a new park on the way.

February break - Sugarloaf

After Jay Peak we got in the car for another 4 hour car ride from Vermont to Maine for more skiing with other friends (yes we are VERY lucky to have such generous friends!).  Although the trip didn't go as planned (quick stop off at the GMC dealer), we made it.  Sugarloaf is MY favorite mountain to ski.  I had days of amazing, fabulous skiing as you can see from all of these bluebird pictures.  The kids loved being back at their favorite ski school with all of their friends.  Angela had Cecelia every day and Richard was with Brigid and Vivian for a whole day.
We took one day of skiing off to hang out in the adorable town we were staying in (Embden, Maine) on this beautiful pond.  Sledding, ice fishing and making snacks.  We even kept our friend Cecelia with us an extra day because the Carey's had to go home.
Nothing better than a vacation!

Jay Peak waterpark

One of the best parts about Jay Peak is the water park.  After a full day of skiing you can hit the huge water park at the base of the mountain (right in our hotel).  Let's just say we had a ton of fun and were EXHAUSTED at the end of each day.  Water slides, wave pool, lazy river, oh my.

February break - Jay Peak

We started our February break heading to Vermont to ski Jay Peak with friends.  Although I thought this mountain was too challenging for my intermediate self, it is a fun place (and of course that meant Chris had a BLAST skiing!!).  The kids did so well skiing and actually got to the top.  In order to get down it meant they had to ski very heard terrain.  They handled it like champs.  We had first tracks on our last day and you can see how much fun we had as Rich passed out pretty quickly in the car when we sadly had to leave.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was extra special this year because it was on a Friday.  Because I don't have to work on Fridays it let's me do extra special things with the kids that I can't do other days.  I made heart shaped pancakes, decorated (and check out our Olympic sign!) and bought a few treats.   The kids love it and I hope will always treasure these special days.  In the afternoon, I went into Angela's class to help with Valentine crafts and handing out Friendship cards.  We finished the day with a trip to China town for sushi.  Do you believe my kids love such fancy foods?! My wallet isn't sure exposing them to such expensive foods was a good idea.
Happy Valentine's Day!  We hope you got to spend the day with your loves like we did!

Morning meeting

Rich's class did morning meeting for the school again this week.  They did a fabulous job and Principal Traci got the Shout Out for the week.  She is truly the best and deserves it more than anyone.  I love the information the kids get each morning and how they start the day on such a positive note.

Movies with friends

For Rich's friend Tam's birthday his parents took the 3 boys to see the new Lego Movie in 3D.  They had a blast and I made sure Rich realized it doesn't take a huge party to have a good birthday!

Snow, snow everywhere!

You know you have a lot of snow when you can build a snowman that is bigger than you are, a whole pile of snowballs, AND a wall to start a fort.  And yes it is dark out.  The kids had no interest in getting out of their pajamas to go play all day!  Snow days are the best!

Birthday with Babci

Richard looks forward each year to celebrating his birthday AGAIN when Babci visits.  This year we also had a Superbowl celebration with special food, gambling and of course more cupcakes!