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The Hilton's visit

We were finally around for the Hilton's annual trip to Boston! Since they live in the UK we had not met Rebecca yet. It was great to see Chucky, Wayne and Becks! And can't wait to meet the newest Hilton next summer.
And since the BBQ was at our buddy Colton's house, Richie had an extra fun time playing with all his sporting equipment!

Trout Club 2009

Our annual trip to Vermont - Chris's family reunion at the Trout Club. Another great time was had by all. Being in the woods for a week is basically a little boys dream! Swimming, hiking, fishing, etc...what could be better. Here are just a few of the good pictures we took. We already can't wait until next year.
And Richie turned the corner and finally swam by himself!

First trip to the barber

Richie is done going to Mom's hair salon - he now goes with Daddy to the barber. I hope he didn't read any of the magazines!!! Boy did he get a short hair cut and he now looks like such a big boy. I have to admit I cried!

Day in Western Mass

Since Chris has a job out in Springfield and I didn't have to work, we took a day trip to western Mass. We went to a playground while Chris went to his job site and then off to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. It was a great museum. It is the 40th Anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar so Richie took his caterpillar as you can see. I highly recommend this place if you are in the Amherst area. After that we took a run past our farm to pick some veggies and visit with the animals.

Italian feasts

Living in the North End during the summer means enduring the Italian feasts that occur most weekends. They block off different streets with food and game vendors. Then the statue gets paraded through the streets with bands and singing. It is pretty crazy. This picture is of the extra large turtle Chris won for Richie. This year we were home for the St. Anthony's feast that happens right on our street. The kids got woken up a few times, but otherwise it wasn't too bad.

Brewster with friends

For our next vacation this summer we rented a house down the Cape with friends. With Katie and Kelley's families there were 3 toddlers and 2 newborns. The kids had a blast. They played at the beach all day long. We also went to a Brewster Whitecaps game, mini golfing and spent a day in Provincetown.

Being silly on the Brewster Flats at low tide.

Friends eating ice cream!

Best buds!

The family at Racepoint beach where Chris and I got engaged!

Angela is 2 months old

Where does the time is the picture of my baby at 2 months old already. I could eat that face up all day long!