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Happy Birthday dear Lisa!

Happy to celebrate my dear friend Lisa's birthday - it was home and simple, but fun!  Yes, Lisa nad Chris competed against each other in the Wii dance game!  I have video....


What a special day!  Getting to see the Nutcracker with my baby girl.  LOVED it and want to do it every year.  AND we got to have dessert after the show with some "real" ballerinas from the show (our friends Sarah and Grace).

Skating at Rockefeller Center

Fun afternoon skating in Rockefeller Center, and hanging out in NYC.

LI visit

Nice visit with Uncle Eddie and Uncle Kevin.  Glad Uncle Eddie is feeling better.  Hope to see you again soon.

Cousins day

After Christmas we spent the day with Jakie and skating, carousel and lunch at Bear Mountain then playing back at their house. Fun, silly kids!

Saratoga Raceway

Summer weekend in Saratoga, NY with family and friends!  The kids LOVED the track (how can you not!) and I adored getting the spend the day with some of my college friends!
Thanks to Grandpa and Nana Sheila for hosting us!

End of summer days off

Although the weather was GORGEOUS the kids convinced me to take them to the movies (as you can see no one else was there!).  Since it was an early movie and the last thing to check off their summer bucket list I agreed. Later this night we hit the St. Anthony's feast on our street.  Who doesn't love fried Oreo's and some feast games!

Outdoor movie night

We celebrated some of the last days of summer in East Boston at our friend the Scarpa's house.  Outdoor movie night!  Complete with popcorn and snacks.  What a fun night!

We love Regina

The kids have been obsessed with Regina lately.  They do NOT leave her alone.  If I had to guess....Regina would prefer if Rich laid in his own bed....

Getting ready for hockey

Since Ang will be playing hockey this year we had to dig out the old equipment, get some old stuff from friends and see what we still need to buy!

Hiking the Fells

Our favorite local place to hike is the Fells.  It is close, but still has some fun features.  This time we found a rope swing, the reservoir and beautiful views of the city!

Patriots pre-season game

As you know I have this nutty, sports loving family so we were now off to a Patriots game.  Since the regular season games are so expensive and crazy, we opted for a pre-season game. Just as good as a regular game for these kids.  Lots of fun tailgating and great seats sitting VERY close to the field (and Tom Brady!!!)!

Last days of summer with my helper bees

On this day the kids and I got busy in the kitchen.  We had a whole pile of veggies from our farm share that we needed to put into the freezer for the fall/winter.  The kids were amazing helpers.  They peeled and chopped almost everything!  It was a huge help and we are going to be so glad we did this work when we have our farm fresh carrots, etc long after their season is over.
We also made homemade salsa from our farm share for tailgating at the Pats game later.
After all that work, we went to the library to see a presentation by the Boston Nature Center.  The kids learned a ton and tried to remember some of the bird facts to quiz Grandpa later!