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Week in Maine with fam

Sorry the blog has been offline for a while now. Our camera broke and although we replaced it with a bigger/better one (at least I think - wait until you see some of these pictures!) it has taken over a month to get the pictures off of it and onto the computer.
We have such good pictures because we were lucky enough to do SO MANY things this summer. Boy have I lived up my maternity leave! You name it, we did it. And it mostly revolved around the water.
Our first long vacation was to the Shumway's house on Wells beach in Maine with my family. As you can see from the look on Richie's face in this picture, the kids had a blast. What could be better than the ocean right outside your door and your cousin there to share it with. And with the ease of the beach, the adults were able to relax a little also.

Check out these 2 cool dudes.

Lots of family time and walks on the beach.

Play date at the aquarium

We had a nice play date with Lucie Revette and Adelle Besse today at the Aquarium. Richie was a little cranky, but it was still a nice day out. It also poured, but since I finally got our new double stroller (Chris calls it my Cadillac!), we were able to get there dry (and in style!).

Had to take pictures of Nemo (and his Dad) because Richie is obsessed and that is all he really wanted to see. Oh and Dory!

All my kids

It has been a major adjustment having 3 kids (I have to include Regina!), but we have been having a lot of fun adjusting together! Here is Richie with his orange "things". He loves orange and always tells me it is his favorite color. If he is at all cranky and his orange cup is dirty in the dish out.

And here are my girls doing what they do best....snuggling to sleep on the couch.

Mirabella pool

We hit our neighborhood pool today for a little swim in this beautiful summer weather. You can't beat this place. Only $10 for the whole summer to swim. And it is right on the water looking out on Charlestown and all the boats (including the Constitution). It is perfect for our little fish!

Juliane and AnnaMarie's visit

We were lucky enough to have my oldest and "bestest" friend come visit with her daughter AnnaMarie. We had lots of fun and the kids just adored each other. They were constantly giggling. We took them to the Children's Museum and to the fountains. We hope they will come back again very soon because we haven't stopped talking about their visit yet.
Love you Juliane!

Old friends - love Facebook!

While Juliane was visiting we went the Children's Museum with an old friend we had not seen in 26 years!! Because of Facebook, we have been back in contact with Jennifer Friedman (Scannell) who used to love across the street. Here are some pictures of us then and now. And now we all have kids.

April 1983

July 2009

Check out Richie and AnnaMarie holding hands!

Dress up

Today was one of our first days of dress up. We were going into the office to see the girls at work so I thought Angela would wear one of her many fancy dresses. It hasn't been very warm enough to wear many this crazy spring/summer. After putting this dress on her (from Sona) I remembered these crazy shoes that Kelley had bought her. So I had to dress her up (clips and all) for a photo shoot!!

Single Mom - missing Daddy

Since Chris was away again for work, we had our first Mommy/Richie/Angela days. It was a lot of work, but I did it! I guess I can handle 2 kids at once. Here are some pictures of our days so Chris can see what we did and know we missed him.

We did lots of extra fun stuff because I was bribing Richie so he would go get a hair cut. Well it worked! He is finally not a shaggy dog and he didn't cry again. I am so glad the meltdowns during hair cuts are gone. That first one was brutal. I will never forget it.

Some of our first smiles!
(Unfortunately my camera memory card was full so this video got cut off)

Raising the flag!

We bought the Shumway's a flag/flag pole for their beach house as a wedding present. It was the best wedding present we ever gave because it meant a weekend on the ocean at their house to help install it. So while the boys slaved away digging a hole, mixing/pouring concrete and raising the flag pole - we were able to be on the water!! It was a gorgeous weekend, thanks Kevin and Joanna!

Guess who is 1 month old

Guess who is 1 month old already....I can't even believe it. She is doing so well and we are very happy. Poor Angela has already been trucked all over the place and doesn't seem to mind. That's what happens when you are the second child with a 2 1/2 year old big brother. Yesterday we went on our carousel. Me.....Angela in one arm......lift Richie onto his horse with the other. It wasn't easy, but we got it done!

(This is Richie at a month old - they do look a lot alike)

More family pictures

Still can't believe we are a family of 4. For some reason we feel the need to take lots of pictures of it. Here are a few. You may see one of these again as a christmas card, etc.

Fourth of July!!!

We made our annual pilgrimage to Long Island for the Fourth of July weekend. I think it is my favorite weekend of the summer! The weather was perfect and we were able to see almost all of our family/cousins who live there. As you can see from the pictures, most of the time revolved around the water. There are SO many more pictures from this out Snapfish!

Check out this swimming muscle man!

Here is Angela getting to meet Aunt Donna Jo and Uncle Hutch. Just had to comment on how amazing Uncle Hutch is doing. Is was WONDERFUL to get to spend the day on the beach with him. He is doing great and still the strong, loving person he always was. We love you!!

Yes - the red, white and blue was out! But the fireworks were NOT a hit.

Swimming in Uncle Eddie's pool - and spending time with Jakie....always the best part!