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Daddy's Birthday!

Birthdays are fun days in our house now. When you know someone is so excited for you, it makes it easier to get a year older. Since it was a work day, Rich, Regina and I went out early to get corn muffins at our favorite local spot. Then Daddy had to open a few presents before we left. After work/day care we went out for a nice birthday dinner to the North Street Grille. Other than Richie dumping the whole bottle of ketchup in his lap, it was an uneventful day! Then home for cake and more presents.

Baseball clinic

Since I have such a sports loving son, we decided to stop by this free baseball clinic held in the North End on Sunday mornings. The thought of it (and the idea that his glove was in his stroller waiting) is what got Rich through church that morning! Unfortunately he was just too little. They said it was for kids of all ages, but the kids there that day were just enough older. I didn't want to ruin it for them having this little boy running around in their way. Lesson to self.....don't promise anything until you are sure you can produce!!
Not a great picture, but you should have seen him standing on the side with his new lefty glove in hand watching the older kids play baseball. It was heart breaking!

Sesame Street Live

We went to see Sesame Street Live and had a surprise when we got there......our friends Maddie and Haley were sitting next to us and we didn't even know they would be there. So the kids got to enjoy the show together. Elmo was of course the hit!
We also saw our friends Emily and Gracie (Foster) and had lunch with them after.

Big boy bed

Guess who decided he was a big boy and wanted to sleep in his new "big boy" bed......I have been so worried about the transition and day he decides he is ready. And we have not looked back. He continues to prove me wrong every day! But then again, what little boy wouldn't want to sleep in this bed with all those sports balls.

Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt's wedding

Well Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt finally did it!! They had a beautiful wedding weekend in Saratoga, NY. All 3 of us were in the wedding and we had so much fun. Richie did especially well. He did absolutely everything that was asked of him all weekend. We couldn't have asked for more. Unfortunately I don't have many good pics. Especially of all of the family we were able to spend time with. But you get the idea what a beautiful bride Erin was and how cute a little 2 year old boy looks in a tux.

Thanks to Melissa and Juan for babysitting. When Richie wasn't doing wedding "stuff", he was with them playing with Vanessa. It made the whole weekend so much smoother.

Second hair cut

With the upcoming wedding I knew we had to attack getting a hair cut again. But the first time was SO BAD, I was dreading even thinking about it. But we did it! I made an appointment, we went early for Richie to scope out the place, and as you can see.....he didn't cry. I have no idea what was different this time.......OK, so maybe I threatened him that he HAD to for Aunt Erin and maybe I promised him a lollipop, but hey it worked.
Thanks Doreen!

Easter Weekend

We had an extra long, extra special Easter weekend this year. We saw so many friends and family and here are a few pictures of our trip to NY.

Juliane has moved back from Arizona!!! So we got to spend some time with Anna Marie.

Our Wells Family Easter - we had a lunch at Mt. Sinai so we could all get to see Uncle Hutch.

We colored Easter eggs and made a special one for everyone.

And someone was a good boy because the Easter bunny came!!!

Our family photo (including Regina!)

And the boys in their Easter outfits......I can't believe there are 3 now!

Maddie playdate

Richie enjoying the start of spring with his girlfriend Maddie!!!

My Birthday

Although these are the only pictures from my birthday (because I take all the pictures around here!!), I had to post them. I guess I usually bake a cake/cupcakes/brownies when it is someones birthday because Rich would not rest until he baked me something. Chris bought an ice cream cake so he wasn't planning on making anything else. Well that was not good enough. From the second he got up in the morning and found out it was my birthday, he talked about making brownies. By the time he woke up from his nap and was told we weren't making anything he was inconsolable. So I helped him make me some birthday brownies.
I had a wonderful birthday with lots of good home cooked meals (that I didn't have to make!) and presents.
Thanks everyone!