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Weekend in NY

We had a packed weekend in NY and got to see a lot of old friends that we unfortunately don't get to see that much. It started with a stop at Grandpa's house. We went there for Granny Gert's Memorial service which was really nice. And got to spend a little bit of quality time with Grandpa.

We were then off to Saratoga to see the latest addition to the Clarkson babies clan......
Vanessa Mercedes Blanco. She is of course beautiful and it was wonderful to see how happy her parents are (oops, I didn't get any pics of them!). We were able to go with them on their first venture to eat at a restaurant. Big stuff for new parents.

We stayed with our friends the Mittlers. As you can see a lot of playing was done at their house with Julia. And we got to meet their new little girl Mackenzie.

THEN, to top off the weekend, we stopped in Troy to see our friends the Tichy's and to meet Kay. As you can see here, Rich and Kay became instant friends. We were most impressed with…

New cousin!

The "new" Dillon Family

It's a Girl! Check out our new little baby cousin - Natalie Rose Dillon - isn't she beautiful! Born on Tuesday to our proud cousins Karen and Bill. Can't wait to meet her and see the whole family.

Baseball game

Another baseball game

We went to another Red Sox game last night. Since Daddy was away for work we were able to go with Aunt Erin! It was super fun as always and we made sure to make a visit to see Wally. Not sure how many little boys get to go to so many baseball games.

Book Club

Just a few pictures from book club this weekend.

So book club used to be a way for the girls to get together once a month. Our schedules were always so crazy so we had an excuse to make sure we saw each other. I think that is still the point although these pictures show how things have changed a bit. The Moms still get together, but now we bring our kids. How crazy.......we now have kids. But we still have drinks!
(Left to Right - Richie, Maddie, Colton)

Strawberry picking

This weekend we went to Drumlin Farms for some strawberry picking.

It was so much fun especially because they also had lots of animals to see. Animals are the latest and greatest thing in our house. Anyway, as you can see Richie LOVED strawberry picking although his idea of "picking" was to pick out of the container. He ate at least a quart of strawberries himself while we were out in the field, but didn't pick any himself.


Just had to show you a picture of a typical Monday in Boston! Most Mondays Auntie Heidi, Colton and Brayden come over. BUT sometimes Riley comes too and they go do really fun things. This Monday they went to the Children's Museum. This picture describes it all! Four boys all four and younger. I don't think I could do it. You gotta love the 2 boys in one stroller and Richie too tired to care with what looks to be his hand down his pants!
(Left to Right - Colton, Brayden, Richie, Riley)

Father's Day & 6th Anniversary

It was Father's Day and our 6th Anniversary this weekend. Since going away to a warm place or a quiet dinner alone are not easy options anymore, we decide to celebrate with a fun family weekend.

As you can see we started Friday off with a walk in the woods at the Fells. We did get some good family photos, some exercise, and Regina got to go swimming.

Then Saturday we went for a sail in the harbor with our friends John and Lorraine. They have a big fancy sailboat and a fancy computer that took this picture. Pretty neat, huh!

We may have a sailor on our hands yet! Although this was a big boat it was still pretty confining for a 16 month old. But as you can see he did great and had some fun.

And even got to drive for a while!

On Sunday morning we got up, had pancakes and opened presents. Then we were off to the zoo.

Who knew what fun that would be. The gorilla's were a huge hit (we called them monkeys). We made all of the animal noises along the way. We heard the lions roar s…

Hot day!

Since it has been over 90 degrees for 4 days now we have spent a lot of time trying to stay cool. Although we have central air in the house you can't stay in all day. So we have been going to the park to enjoy the sprinklers. Who needs a backyard!

Babci babysits

This weekend we went away to Connecticut for Greg and Kerrin's wedding. It was so beautiful and the best part was that we went alone! Babci and Richie stayed in Boston. They seemed to have had a great time. They went for walks, played in the sprinklers and got ice cream. It wasn't easy because the weather was brutally hot. When we got home and Richie got up from his nap he went straight to my Mom. I guess he didn't miss us that much.