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Happy Lunar New Year!

Angela's class had a lunar new year celebration - a parade with a dragon they made and instruments, dumplings and special envelopes with money for good luck.  The kids had a blast learning all about this holiday. How lucky they are to have families in class that help share their traditions.


Rich and his friends (Owen and Teagen) at the Aquarium.  I love that my kids visit the Aquarium with school, and I love that the wonderful parents that chaperone (when I can't), send me pictures of it while at work!

Richard's 7th birthday sports tournament

All Richard wanted for his birthday party was to play sports with a few boys his age.  We looked and looked for a place to do this, and wound up near home at our favorite place, the Nazzaro Community Center.  We made special shirts in 2 colors so the kids could easily see their teams.  Then I made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcakes, because.....somehow Rich thought  I was creative.  I am NOT, but they came out OK!  The party turned out perfect and the boys had a blast.

Richard's 7th birthday!

What is the only other thing comparable to your birthday....a snow day!  Richard was lucky enough to get both this year.  That and all these presents (and thank you to all who mailed them to him), a trip to the movies and a huge plate of buffalo chicken nachos equals a happy boy!
Happy birthday to my ridiculously sweet, compassionate, hysterical baby boy.  We would be lost without you (especially your sister whose world seems to revolve around you)!

Bradley's 1st Birthday

Had an awesome time celebrating our big man Bradley's 1st birthday!  Even Angela fondly remembers meeting him for the first time in the hospital.  She still talks about how she loves how new babies smell and how little he was.
Happy Birthday buddy!  We love you!

Northeastern hockey game

The kids school received 100 free tickets to the Northeastern hockey game.  How fun to go to a hockey game with all of your school friends.  We got to meet the players and the coach after the game as well.  Angela made sure ALL of them signed her (Clarkson!) sweatshirt!  They all gave her a funny look at first when they thought they were signing her U of Vermont sweatshirt (same colors as Clarkson) which is the team that had just beat Northeastern.  The kids also got to hang out with the team at school one day.  The players come each year to play with kids and read them stories. 

Blue Hills ski trip

We have this little ski mountain just outside the city that we had never been to called Blue Hills.  Our Community Center had a trip there so Chris took the kids.  They had a blast and made the local web site (see below).  It was really icy, but Angela loved it because she went down her first black diamond.  She is a pro!

Link to story about ski trip

Angela's Publishing Party

Angela's class was having a Publishing Party at the exact time I was having my Lasik eye surgery so Chris and I absolutely could not go.  Once we told her this I could see the wheels turning in her head.  She said, "Mom, Ms. Simonini said Nana's could go.  Do you think Phyllis or Nana Mary could go?".  Phyllis is my friend who I volunteer on the Library Board with, and who is also the kids babysitter Jamie's, Nonnie.  Angela knows Nonna means Grandma in Italian.   Phyllis was away, but Nana Mary was free so she came up.  How sweet!  There is nothing better than friends who are also family.  We are thankful for all of our friends who are also family.
Nana Mary was Richard's Nanny when he was little and my good friend Kelley's Mom.  She has always been like a grandmother to the kids and they obviously feel that way as well!

Regina baby

My Regina baby and I had a few good days again where it was warm enough to go for a walk down to our "spot" on the water.  She also had a few times where the kids tortured her with rainbow loom bracelets on all her legs.  It is a give and take I guess!

US Figure Skating Championships

The US Figure Skating Championships were held down the street at the Garden.  How could we miss seeing who was going to head to Sochi for the Olympics!  We are counting down the days until the Olympics start, so this was the perfect opener for that.  And what is better than figure skating?  I know I like figure skating more than most people, but spinning in the air 3/4 times on ice skates.....come on...amazing!  Angela loved it as well as now she wants to be an ice skater and a doctor.  She is confident she can do both.  At the very least, she wants to be one of the little girls who comes out after each performance to collect the flowers and stuffed animals people throw on the ice.

Monster Sledding

Sledding at Fenway Park.....we couldn't miss it of course!  And it was fun.  Well actually a little too fun for me.  It was so steep that I was done after two runs.  Yes, call me old!