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Angela's first bites

We had another exciting milestone in our! Yep, Angela is now eating and she loves it. It took her a lot less time to "get it" so she is already enjoying herself. I can't wait for her to try all of the yummy puree's I made for her! Now let's keep our fingers crossed that her full belly helps her sleep through the night.

...and then back to Babci's house

...then after a long Thanksgiving road trip, we ended with a trip to Babci's house. We had another yummy turkey dinner AND saw more family!

Cutest picture of the kids EVER!! I guess this will have to be my Thanksgiving pic of the kids this year. Do you think they will love each other this much forever?

Grandma and her great grandchildren.

Snuggling with Uncle Kevin.

And playing hockey with Uncle Kevin. I think we tired him out! Kevin that is.

Aunt Chris and Uncle Jack's house

After Thanksgiving we went from Brooklyn to Aunt Chris and Uncle Jack's house in New Jersey. There we were able to see more family and even MORE cousins. Boy are there a lot of them!

Playing with cousin Natalie.

Getting teased by Bill.

Watching sports with the big kids.

Thanksgiving 2009

Unfortunately I did not get any good pictures, but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family at Aunt Donna Jo and Uncle Hutch's house. We were thankful for such a loving family and especially for how well Uncle Hutch is doing! I don't think one day is enough to appreciate all that we have! I consider myself so lucky EVERY day. Thanks to all of the important people in our lives. You know who you are and I hope you know how much we love you!

Grandma's new apartment

We are so excited to have Grandma living back up north and we were lucky enough to get to visit her already during Thanksgiving. She has a really nice, large 1 bedroom apartment with everything she could need. And as you can see, she already has lots of fun toys!

Golf ball in the pants

There isn't much to say about this picture.......I looked over at him and said, "What are you doing?". He looked back at me and said, "Trying to put golf balls in my pants". Ummm, OK. So I took a picture because that's what I do......and I figured no one would otherwise believe me. We'll use this against him some time when he is older!

Love taking pictures!

My kids must think they are famous because I can't help but constantly take pictures of them. Each time we do anything (even if it is just a usual day at the park), I think they look so cute and need a picture of it. Then when I download the picture, I realize I have the same picture taken on 5 different occasions.
Oh well, here is another beautiful day at our park!

Day on the Common

Chris was away so we spent this beautiful day on the Boston Common with our friend Maddie (and my friends Lisa and Kara!). We visited the duck statues from the Make Way for Ducklings book, played some golf and had a yummy lunch. We went home for a quick nap then over to Faneuil Hall for their Christmas tree lighting. We finished our night with Toy Story....because I was exhausted!

Children's Museum with the Barons

We had another play date with the Barons, but this time it was at the Children's Museum. The kids had a great time and the morning started off rainy so we had the whole place to ourselves!

Go Celtics!

I found an old Celtics outfit of Rich's that Angela fit into today. GO CELTICS!! We talked about how she was a "cheer" as Rich put it. Not sure why he kept missing the "leader" part. Chris said she isn't going to be cheerleader, but the first female Celtics player.

Chuck E Cheese

Since I had been away and it rained all day Saturday (and the parks and grass was still so wet), we decided to hit Chuck E Cheese for something fun to do. AHHHHHH!!!!! What a horrible place. I mean Richie had a great time, but it is just so obnoxious. There are kids running all around, it is so loud and the food is awful. HOPEFULLY he won't ask to go back because I don't think Chris and I could handle it. WARNING: stay away from Chuck E Cheese!

Family movie night

We decided to have our first family movie night. We got into our pajamas, popped pop corn and rented Happy Feet. It was mostly a hit although a whole movie is still a little long for Richie to pay attention for. He got up and played a few times, but watched a good portion of it. I think we will be do it again soon. Especially with all of the good holiday films.

Bringing Grandma back up north!

Mom, Angela and I flew down to Florida to bring Grandma back up north! We are so excited to have her close again. It was a very hard trip and I think it will take a while for her to adjust, but it is done so we can move forward now. Can't wait to visit her in New York!

Bye bye 5607 Marble Street and Florida!

Bruins tickets

Since we live so close to the Garden we figured it was time we bought tickets to the Bruins. So we got a 10 game pack and have been to 3 games already. Our seats are great and Richie absolutely loves it. Everyone around us is AMAZED at how he can just sit there and watch the whole game at 2 1/2 years old. He gets to the arena and falls into a trance. He LOVES HOCKEY!!

Aunt Erin babysat so the 3 of us got to go together this night.

Richie was lucky enough to get ANOTHER hockey stick. This one is now his favorite.

And the best game was the one he got to go to with his cousin!

Enjoying the last days of summer

We were excited to have another nice day to spend outside without our coats! What better way to spend the day then showing Angela how to go down the slide. It is Richie's favorite these days. He usually goes down head first and gives me a heart attack. Oh boys!

Reading with Daddy

It is so cute to see how both kids LOVE to read already. We end each night with some stories and now Angela enjoys it as well. OK, so this night it put her to sleep!

Angela is 5 months old!

Happy Birthday Angela! As I say each month, I just don't know where the time goes. Can I really be the mother of two...neither of which are all that little anymore??? We are having so much fun with both of the kids and really adjusting to having two.

Richie at 5 months - boy he just kept getting chunkier and chunkier!!