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Ice skating World Championships

We are so lucky to again have the ice skating world championships at the end of our street.  They are practicing at "our" ice rink and they are performing at the Garden.  Richard's class got free tickets and saw the pairs perform at the Garden yesterday!  Hopefully we will find a few minutes free so I can take Angela again.
I say it a million times, but I love our school/neighborhood and all of the "field trips" these kids get to take.  It isn't all about reading and writing.

Joshie's birthday

Happy 7th birthday Joshie!!

Easter 2016


Hike the Appalachian Trail

While in NY we took a hike on the Appalachian Trail.  It is so close to my Mom's house nad it reminds me of growing up.  Kids loved it!


Look who is going to try out Lacrosse this spring!

Killington 2016

Ending our ski season with our annual trip to Killington with the Nazzaro Center.  Always a good time, and even this year with no snow we had a blast!  Just wish the kids weren't such good skiers and wanted to ski the easier trails with me rather than the double black diamonds!

St. Patrick's Day 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  Great day off with Angela and the boys!

Celtics game for Ang w/Julia

Since the kids don't have school tomorrow, Angela took her friend Julia to the Celtics game.

William Joseph

Welcome to the world William Joseph!  We LOVE you to bits already!

Basketball banquet 2016

After a great basketball season, the kids went home with these enormous trophies!  Rich played at Harvard and his travel team won their league.  Great year.

Friday night with Bradley

Had a great day/night with Bradley so Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt could spend some time alone before the baby came.   Bradley and I spent the day at the kids school because they both had a publishing party.  He loved hearing Angela read about soccer and eating Japanese desserts and learning about sumo wrestling with the 3rd graders who studied Japan.
At night we took Bradley to his first Celtics game.  As you can see, we did a LOT of cheering!
He was SUCH a good boy and even took a 4 hour nap so he could stay up late for the game.  Oh and because he had been in the ER the night before.  Check out that face - I felt better knowing we couldn't make it any worse.