Angela in goal!!

Coach Dan asked who wanted to take a turn playing goalie and Angela said, "YES!!!".  She was completely confident and excited until she started trying on the equipment and realizing how big it was (I didn't realize it would actually, really be too big in a way).  She got out on the ice and fell.  She was unable to get up.  She cried and wanted to be done.  If she didn't do it, their team would not have a goalie because it takes too long to change equipment.  She didn't love it, but she did it.
And she is proud of herself, which is all that matters!  It doesn't need saying, but of course we are ridiculously proud of her as well.  This is the first "real" time her hard will and strong personality helped her in a situation she wasn't all that comfortable in.  She wasn't happy, but SHE DID IT! I will NEVER forget this day.


Colleen said…
This made my cry. GO ANGELA. GIRL POWER. Good job mama! The will to fight is what counts. LOVE THIS.

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