Elfie is our Elf on the Shelf who hides somewhere in our house every day so he can keep an eye on the kids to report back to Santa.  I have never liked the Elf, but we did it the last year so there is no going back.  It feels like bribery and threats.....which I am not exactly against, but I also lose sleep over it when I remember at 4 am that I forgot to move the damn thing!  ANYWAY, I don't think Richie actually believes in him because he told me before he"came out" that he wasn't real.  THEN he said to Chris one day, "Daddy remember when you hid Elfie....I mean when Elfie hid in the tree".  Jokes on us!  Angela on the other hand truly believes (and will often eat an extra bite of vegetables if she thinks Elfie is watching) so we continue on for her.  Maybe because he knows he doesn't believe.....maybe because he does actually believe.....either way, Richie made this note for Elfie and I thought it was super cute!  Elfie, I don't love you but I guess Richie does!


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