Killington with Nazzaro

Our last whole family ski trip of the year was to Killington with our community center.  It was a great trip and the kids had so much fun with some of their neighborhood friends.  You can see what a huge group we were at the bottom.  We had almost the whole hotel so we could just let the kids run around with their friends.  They had a pool table and an outdoor pool that we enjoyed for hours. 

On the mountain the kids did amazing.  You can see Angela next to her black diamond sign.  Rich and Chris did quite a few black diamonds before the weekend was over.  Rich has really improved this ski season (you can see a picture of a speck of him up this really hard trail in one of the pictures).  The ski/hiking pictures are of an "adventure" we had to take....they closed one of the lifts to get back to the main lodge.  So instead of getting stuck at that peak, we decided to follow this family who seemed to know how to get to the other peak.  Well after an hour of cross country skiing and then walking back up the mountain we made it.  None of us will forget that for a while.  Boy did we get a lot of exercise that day.

Great family/neighborhood weekend to close out the ski season!




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