Visiting the firehouse

We had a horrible tragedy in Boston this week (two firemen were killed) and unfortunately one of our friends who is a firefighter was hurt in the fire as well.  His physical his wounds will heal, but mentally will be a different story.  After this tragedy both of the kids classes went down to a local firehouse to say thank you and bring them treats.  Rich's class (I didn't get to go) went to the fire station around the corner from school where a Dad from Angela's class works. 
Angela's class went further down the street to the station that our friend who was hurt worked at (he is also a Dad in Rich's class).  With only 24 hours notice, we made tons of treats and had a huge group of people to walk the kids.  The kids made signs and gave high fives and lots of thank yous to the firemen.  I think you can tell from their faces that they were appreciative.
It was pretty awesome and a great way to make everyone feel better after the events of the week.
(And it was pajama day because the kids filled their compliment jar!)
Thank you BFD!


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