Ice skating birthday party

Richie was the luckiest little boy because he had a HUGE 3rd birthday ice skating party. I don't think there was any detail we missed. Most of his friends were there (and some family of course), he was able to ice skate AND play hockey. Adding pizza and cake just made it even better. Even the big kids (Moms and Dads) were enjoying the rink. The best part for me was seeing him skate all by himself. He was the best one out there! Thanks to all of our family and friends for making this such a wonderful party. You only turn 3 once!

So I don't forget one day what kids were there:
Jakie, Josh, Colton, Riley, Brayden, Liam, Maddie, Ainsley, Sammy, Adelle, Maddie, Haley, Maggie, Lucie, Emma and Molly.


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